DiscoverPro Business ChannelRush Bowls and CG3 Fundraising on Franchise Business Radio
Rush Bowls and CG3 Fundraising on Franchise Business Radio

Rush Bowls and CG3 Fundraising on Franchise Business Radio

Update: 2019-09-17


Rush Bowls and CG3 Fundraising on Franchise Business Radio

Interested in Receiving COMPLIMENTARY Guidance on Selecting a Franchise.

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Bhavin Vadgama, Franchise

Bhavin Vadgama has a background in mechanical engineering and a Master & PHD from Auburn University. He and his wife had a vision of having their own healthy food concept and fell in love with the Rush Bowls product and decided to become the Local Rush Bowl Atlanta Franchisee in Sandy Springs.

Please Stop by the Rush Bowls Sandy Springs location:

Rush Bowls Sandy Springs - Hammond Dr
1110 Hammond Dr
Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Enjoy a tasty, healthy meal replacement of 5 servings of fruit and vegetables blended together and top it off with crunchy granola & a drizzle of the most delicious honey you’ve ever had.

SPECIAL: Let them know that you listened to the Franchise Business Radio show and receive 10% off of your Rush Bowl between now and December 31, 2019!!


Margaux Booren - Director of Brand and Digital Marketing
Rush Bowls

Margaux has been with Rush Bowls since April 2019 - and is currently the Director of Brand and Digital Marketing. Coming from Danone North America, working on marketing for Silk Milk and Horizon Organic, Margaux has a detailed understanding of marketing in the health food industry and the importance of reaching consumers with effective marketing campaigns. She came to Rush Bowls eager to help the brand's success and rapid expansion.

What's a Rush Bowl?

A Rush Bowl starts out with the finest all-natural fruit blended extra thick and creamy, to which we add nutrients, protein, juice or milk and an assortment of decadent yet wholesome ingredients. We top things off with crumbles of crunchy granola & a drizzle of the most delicious honey you’ve ever tasted.

It is a complete meal-in-a-bowl designed to satisfy your hunger and fuel your life
…whatever your RUSH might be!

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Charles Grosse
CG3 Battery Fundraising Founder & CEO

Charles has a background in Econometrics and Corporate Law, Charles served for over 25 years as the General Counsel and held various business executive roles for companies like RaceTrac, Barco, Glock and WAI Global. He currently lives north of Atlanta with his wife Sarah and two daughters. Hobbies include golf, traveling and competitive swimming. Charles created CG3 Battery Fundraising with the goal of operating a lean and efficient company offering a unique product to the fundraising market. In doing so, CG3 has tapped into a lucrative niche market while helping organizations raise much needed funds for great causes.

What has evolved with CG3 Fundraising from a year ago when they were on the FBR show

• Expansion of the Product Line (additional fundraising streams)
• Technology Enhancements to Make Fundraising Easier & Extend your Fundraising Reach (E-Donor Portals)
• Don’t touch the product and worry about sorting of product, delivery of product or collecting money. Fundraising Ease!
• Remove Administration Fundraising Hassles & Put FUN back in Fundraising
• Value of listening to Franchisees is the growth, improvements and evolution of the business model for franchisees and for our fundraising coordinator customer.
• Boutique Franchise Opportunity with LARGE territories, so franchisees can truly create a business for themselves. Franchisee’s can run their business with the support of Corporate and yet freedom to build your business the way you think would be best for your market. As a Franchisor we provide the resources to our Franchisees to put them in a strong position for success.
• Value of a Product Line that is of Quality, Practical & Reasonably Priced. Feel Great about the Fundraising Product that your asking Friends, Family and Neighbors to buy from you to raise money for your cause.
• Another key focus of a Fundraising Power is to remove the burden & hassles for the Fundraising Coordinator

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Rush Bowls and CG3 Fundraising on Franchise Business Radio

Rush Bowls and CG3 Fundraising on Franchise Business Radio

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