DiscoverYoung Smart MoneyRyan Scribner's Top 10 Financial Tips
Ryan Scribner's Top 10 Financial Tips

Ryan Scribner's Top 10 Financial Tips

Update: 2020-11-10


Ryan Scribner was one of the first personal finance YouTuber's to make it big. Through spreading financial tips and investing strategies, Ryan was able to establish himself as a leader on the platform. Today we'll be diving into Ryan Scribner's Top 10 Financial Tips!

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In this video, we'll be highlighting some of Ryan Scribner's top financial tips for people in their 20s. While these tips don't just apply from the ages of 20 - 30, they are tailored towards younger people who are just getting started out on their journey into personal finance.

Growing up, it's tough to find high-quality personal finance information. If you're not lucky enough to be born to parents that have their finances figured out, you're kinda just on your own. It's made even harder to find valuable information given the surge of bad actors giving out BS information in an effort to convince you that your hard-earned cash would be better off in their pocket.

As a 26-year-old who has created significant online income streams and makes YouTube videos for a living, Ryan's words have a lot of weight behind them. He's clearly not just another fake guru blowing smoke and trying to sell you on a course. While he does sell courses, they are on subjects he knows extremely well (investing and affiliate marketing) and his business model does not revolve around shoving these down people's throats.

Ryan is a powerhouse of content, which is why I decided to make this video. With over 350 videos published to date, it would take months if not years to fully dig through Ryan's content. So in this compilation video, I went ahead and rounded up 10 of the cornerstones of Ryan's personal finance philosophy to share with you.

Timestamps for each tip, are down below. So, once you're done with the video feel free to take a deeper dive into any of them! And for goodness sake, if you're not already subscribed to Ryan go subscribe!

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00:00 - Intro

01:21 - Create Passive Income

02:28 - Saving = Losing

04:45 - Invest in Assets

07:03 - Don't Look Rich

09:52 - Don't Follow The Herd

11:21 - Look At Both Sides Of The Equation

14:44 - Use Optimal Investing Accounts

16:25 - Be Wary of Optimism

17:29 - Small Consistent Actions

19:31 - Final Thoughts









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Ryan Scribner's Top 10 Financial Tips

Ryan Scribner's Top 10 Financial Tips

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