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The Power of Podcasts w/ Ryan Sullivan

The Power of Podcasts w/ Ryan Sullivan

Update: 2022-02-01


In this episode, we invite Ryan Sullivan, the founder of Podcast Principles. He landed his role helping to produce the WYK Show Podcast. For the last 3 years, Ryan dedicated his life to podcasting & after losing a guest to a car accident he spoke to a life coach that suggested he quit his job. Later that year, Ryan met Gary Vee & made the decision to help other people launch podcasts. Podcast Principles became a reality in 2020 & he has personally helped build over 15 shows from start to finish, including production, distribution, guesting & more.

What you will learn:

- How did Ryan get introduced to the #WhoYaKnow community
- The principle of giving first
- Ryan’s experience of meeting GaryVee
- Creating podcasts to adapt to audio platforms
- How to improve the ratings of your podcast
- Ryan’s thoughts on podcasting for jobseekers
- Resources that you need to begin with podcasting

Mic Drop Moments:

🎤Trevor at (04:35 ) - He showed me a problem I didn’t even know I had.

🎤Ryan at (05:23 ) - When I’m listening to this show, if I wanna listen to it as a listener, I would like you to fix these things and then I will be able to listen.

🎤Ryan at (09:26 ) - I’m a real type A personality, controlling person. I think I can control everything, but it turns out that when I let go, things just kind of happened. So I had these opportunities in my life where I just kind of let go.

🎤Ryan at (30:09 ) - I like the multi-faceted approach because that stood out to me. I make music, but I also make podcasts, I also edit podcasts. I also have all these hobbies. I’m, like you said, type A. I’m doing something all the time.

🎤Mark at (16:35 ) - I’m gonna give you a mic drop because your comment, the audience, that’s your gauge. If the audience is telling you that’s good or bad, it's good or bad, because they are saying it is.

🎤Ryan at (17:40 ) - Why do you have that webinar? It’s not because you guys are like “All right man, this is what I think. This is all about my ideas. It’s like we have done 300 shows to know what job seekers need. That’s why we have this webinar. It’s not because we are the master guru people that just automatically know. Nah! We have only just taken real world examples of what’s worked.

🎤Ryan at (20:27 ) - Let’s reverse engineer from the goal. My goal - get one person away from the person I need. Cool! Let’s record an interview and maybe release it. If not, no worries. You still built that relationship. Go give them five clips from the interview that they can post that benefit them. Go showcase them to your network, and your audience. I don’t care if you have 100 followers.

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The Power of Podcasts w/ Ryan Sullivan

The Power of Podcasts w/ Ryan Sullivan

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