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Ryan Whited: Pain and Performance

Ryan Whited: Pain and Performance

Update: 2023-12-22


In this episode, we chat with Ryan Whited, a trainer who developed a unique approach to pain management called 'Training is Treatment.' Whited shares his experiences, which include grappling with injuries stemming from his various physical activities such as Karate, football, and climbing. As an expansion of his coaching, Whited has co-authored a book named 'Pain and Performance' with Matt Fitzgerald. Leveraging a biographical approach, it reveals Whited’s journey from athlete to coach, helping others manage pain through a simplified, non-medicalized, and empowering method. The goal is to foster independence in the athletes and steer them away from the prevailing notion that pain equals damage.

00:00 Introduction and Meeting Ryan Whited

00:32 The Failed First Attempt at Podcasting

01:27 How Matt and Ryan Met

02:50 The Idea of Writing a Book Together

03:55 The Role of Pain in Performance

06:56 The Importance of Understanding Pain

09:21 The Role of Emotion in Pain Management

13:13 The Impact of Pain on Athletes

17:33 The Story of a Patient's Pain Journey

19:47 The Importance of Contextualizing Pain

21:16 The Role of Coaching in Pain Management

22:10 The Misconceptions about Pain and Injury

24:51 The Impact of the Book 'Pain and Performance'

27:19 The Titanic Analogy and the Need for Change

27:35 Introducing the Book: Pain and Performance

28:28 Challenging the Current Medical Paradigm

30:34 The Role of a Coach vs. a Clinician

33:38 The Importance of Empowering Athletes

34:01 The Misconceptions about Pain and Injury

35:03 The Dance Metaphor: Understanding Pain

35:29 Real-life Examples of the Methodology in Action

39:23 The Impact of the Book on Coaches

42:40 The Complexity of Pain and the Neuroscience Behind It

46:03 The Unusual Life Stories of the Author

Connect with Ryan:
Instagram: @training_as_treatment
Check Out Ryan's Gym: Paragon Athletics

Connect With Us:
Hanna @hannadoesfitness, Hanna's Jams
Matt @fitzgerald.matt, Matt's Jams
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Ryan Whited: Pain and Performance

Ryan Whited: Pain and Performance