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S01 Episode 05: Route Talk

S01 Episode 05: Route Talk

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Adnan once issued a challenge to Sarah. He told her to test the state’s timeline of the murder by driving from Woodlawn High School to Best Buy in 21 minutes. It can’t be done, he said. So Sarah and Dana take up the challenge, and raise him one: They try to recreate the entire route that Jay said he and Adnan took on January 13th, 1999.
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Sneha Kurmi

The informations are changing every now and then. Many vital evidence are there but weren't ever been checked or confirmed. Witnesses were never contacted. About Jay, he does suspicious but it would be too obvious if he actually turns out to be the murderer.

Apr 6th

Plate Beef

sorry that you all missed the BIG PICTURE... Jawan is the main guy in this episode. if Adnon is guilty and what Jay is saying is true... for adnon to take Jawan and have a smoke sesh right where he killed Hae is beyond creepy...if it's TRUE, or is that proof that he didn't do it? if he did,why take Jawan there? I need to know more about jawan. how close was he and Adnon? what did they talk about in the car? how long after hae went missing did this "sesh" happen? for how long did it last? how did adnon seem to jawan? was Adnan try to confess to jawan? what time of the day was this? was Jay and jawan friends? LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS THINK

Mar 24th

Buzzy McNutt

Plate Beef I think murderers often go back to where they killed or buried their victim...bc they do

Apr 10th

Robert Niedzwiecki

Did the go on their own Blunt ride? Dana is giggling a lot.

Mar 23rd

Becca Swing

I really don't get how the investigators believed any of this. You kill your girlfriend at 230 in the afternoon in a busy parking lot and carry her body to your trunk. You call a dude you've smoked weed with a couple times to help you dispose of the body. You smoke a bunch of weed and go to track practice an hour late?! I don't know about you, but running while high sounds like torture lol. The guy you with this information is changing his story every time you talk to him. I call this really, really incompetent police work.

Jan 18th

Tara Lacey

Becca Swing agreed, he'd have to be really stupid, not buying it

Mar 28th

Sgt. Rex Power Colt

Quinton Simpkins Me too, I agree with you on your point about ".m moo moon lol" but disagree as soon as you staten " )?*??*]*?)?:((,%,[&"

Mar 22nd

Tom Hancock

why would he ask a acquaintance for help over doing it on his own why would Jay work so hard to cover his tracks why did Mr s walk so far in to the woods to pee for privacy when he streaked all the time? I don't see how a conviction was made so far so I'm excited to hear more

Sep 27th

Brittany LeAnn

The way adnan describes things, he speaks in the manner that an innocent man would. The way jay speaks is in the manner of someone whose lying. "Jay, did you kill Hae?" Jay responds "no sir, I did not." an innocent man would not say it like that. They would say "no, I didn't." A guilty man will speak more formally because it makes them feel secure. Famous example of this is Bill Clinton's "I did not have sexual relations with that woman. " We all know that was a lie.

Sep 15th


Brittany LeAnn lol some people were raised to use "sir" and "ma'am" when speaking to figures of authority. The connection isn't there fam.

Jan 2nd


Brittany LeAnn Who's to say people can't say their answers however they want?

Nov 21st

Colin D. Cresser

owings mill mall isnt the closest mall from woodland high, security mall is right up the street . whats up ?

Dec 28th








S01 Episode 05: Route Talk

S01 Episode 05: Route Talk

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