DiscoverSerialS01 Episode 06: The Case Against Adnan Syed
S01 Episode 06: The Case Against Adnan Syed

S01 Episode 06: The Case Against Adnan Syed

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The physical evidence against Adnan Syed was scant - a few underwhelming fingerprints. So aside from cell records, what did the prosecutors bring to the jury, to shore up Jay's testimony? Sarah weighs all the other circumstantial evidence they had against Adnan, including curious behavior, a disconcerting note, and an unexplained mid-afternoon phone call.
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dylan thomas

kathy has the worst vocal fry on the planet, holy shit. I almost had to fast forward because I wanted to give her a cough drop so bad

Apr 17th


Wow, with all the steam this podcast has gained, I expected him to be so obviously innocent. But unless the rest of the season provides some drastic evidence or shifts in narrative, this just makes him look 98% guilty. How biased can you people be? To this point of the podcast, he absolutely did it.

Dec 9th

Julianne Derosa-Klug

I really don't think Cathy's story means anything at all. A stranger can look creepy. I really think that jay set him up good. She is probably confusing two different days.

Oct 18th

Hurricane McLean

the host is so horny for adnan, it's ridick

Jul 18th

Sawyer  Martinez

So I am confused about the Nisha call. Was it made during school hours? Or after school? Because Adnad is supposed to be in school when this call happened. So if she is in highschool wouldnt she have also been in school.

Jun 27th
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Andrea Della Fave

Why isn’t Jay hanging out with his girlfriend on her birthday?

May 9th
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Plate Beef

06:14 "how do I get rid of a high?" for a self proclaimed "stoner" he should know that.

Mar 24th

Plate Beef

05:21 why did Adnan change his number? when did he change it? did he give it to Jay? and if yes..who got the number 1st?,Jay or hae?

Mar 24th

Richard Anthony

this is the second time i listened a couple if years apart. he's guilty. I interviewed enough witnesses over ten years Sounds like he's really trying to convince the hostess.

Mar 11th

Amy Ryals

I'm not sure if this comes up in a later episode but I'm wondering why the boyfriend Don wasn't investigated?

Feb 23rd
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Grant Graham

I feel like up to this point, she has painted he is an innocent picture. I feel like I can not really give an unbiased opinion at this point cause I do not have anything he has done wrong. Ive only got a single side of the story.

Feb 1st

Victory Sober Living

The cases where the evidence is circumstantial is bothersome. A person with a motive can call the police and create a situation where someone is guilty. I do agree that the narrator seems to believe that Adnon is innocent. The evidence doesn’t show his guilt but thats only my opinion. So the states case is Jays story, cell phone activity and Anon not having a clear indication of his activities of the day of the murder. Its easy to decide guilt or innocence by all the different variations of how someone answers questions. But where was there any DNA, not even a hair. Some murders are almost perfect which makes me think its because evil is definitely a definitive in our world. If Adnon did commit this gruesome act. Also, we all have a perception of how a murderer should behave. But some psychopaths have families, “normal” lives and are in plain site. My point is that anybody can snap, make a decision to kill and not have shown angry, dangerous or erratic behavior.

Oct 31st

Lenny L

The fact that is devoted Muslim and this event "happened" during Ramadan tilts the scale against the prosecution's story.

Oct 19th
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Caspar Johansen


Sep 27th

Kelsey Strickland

The way he answers questions,way he responds to "major "minor" things and everything in between makes me think he did it but 90% of what ive heard so far says he didnt but without a doubt i can not say beyond reasonable that he is guilty therefore he is innocent

Aug 29th

Helen Korizis

the problem that I have with this is how biased she is. it's so clear she thinks he is innocent so she's twisting and skewing the information to influence the audience.

Jul 19th
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Amanda Imhoff

he's guilty. no doubt about it. you can tell by his tone of voice, the way he answers the questions etc. He lies and bullshits his way through it all, and you can tell he is evil. I hope he pays for taking her life with his...

Jun 19th
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S01 Episode 06: The Case Against Adnan Syed

S01 Episode 06: The Case Against Adnan Syed

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