DiscoverSerialS01 Episode 07: The Opposite of the Prosecution
S01 Episode 07: The Opposite of the Prosecution

S01 Episode 07: The Opposite of the Prosecution

Update: 2014-11-06417


Adnan told Sarah about a case in Virginia that had striking similarities to his own: one key witness, incriminating cell phone records, young people, drugs - and a defendant who has always maintained his innocence. Sarah called up one of the defense attorneys on that case to see if she could offer any insight into Adnan’s case, and got much more than she bargained for.
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Red fibers - Jay said Anand was wearing red gloves when he picked him up at the Best Buy. Did they ever find the gloves? Did they test the shovels? Were there any DNA on the handles? sounds like the investigation trailed along Jay's narrative. Another case closed. Does not look like they spend the time or funding on any sort of DNA. They based it all on 4 of the 14 phone records, and Jay's shakey narrative. The only thing that really makes me question Aanon is that the phone calls to Hay stopped after she was reported missing. He also said he was not that close to Jay, however it seems like they were close enough to pass off cell phones and loan vehicles. Not something you would typically do if you don't trust someone. Either way, I still do not trust Jay's story...what was laced in the weed that Jay provided Aanon. So much so he would try to get rid of a bad high🤔. Was this intentional? ...or was he just trying to come down for potential questioning?

Jun 27th
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I'm with the attorney she spoke to, I think race played a card in this for sure. I don't know how they convicted this guy with such a huge lack of evidence and can't help but think if it was a white dude we wouldn't even be here. The word of a weed dealer isn't evidence. I hope Adnan gets his appeal at some point.

Nov 22nd
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Phillip Foster

thought it all sounded sketchy at first and he was innocent....but listening to his prison calls makes me think he's guilty....he never provides proof that hes innocent...only refers to "lack of proof" he's using the idea of a perfect storm and "I don't recall" as defense... the killer is either Jay or Adnan...they both share means and opportunity but who had motive??? and you've also got to take into account the law of randomness and split second decisions and being young and horny and just the bad decisions/thoughts/actions that come from being young/horny/emotional///////RELIGIOUS

Nov 9th

Dibya Jyoti

I think it's Stephanie. Adnan knows that she did it. Jay too. Jay being a boyfriend has made a really nice story to protect her. later when Adnan knows that she did it, he stays calm just expecting that as he didn't do it, it would be proven down the road. motive of Stephanie might be breaking Adnan's heart. maybe.

Aug 13th
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Becky Hulsey

I havent heard anything from Stephanie. The girlfriend. Wasnt it her birthday? Wouldn't they go see her. Jay was supposedly going to get her a present? She could be a motive to get rid of Adnan...

Jul 23rd
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Lars Wood

Honestly I think the "naive ones" are people who think they're "all guilty" rather then the ones who thinks they're "all innocent"... because when you "all innocent" at the very least you will need evidence to tell you they did do it but when you think they're "all guilty" you are not being careful about your prespective of things because you think "oh I'm not fooled" and the ability of proving innocence is harder because most people don't have something to alibi them every second of the year, you will need luck to be able to do that.

Jun 27th

Ryan Wheeler

when it comes down to it Jay has a better memory of what happened that day which seems more like he has more to hide to remember all these things over adnan not remembering as much as an ordinary day... Plus Jay had his car and his phone Jay said so

Mar 18th

Molly Tsoukis

sounds like the investigators did a real shitty job with the evidence

Nov 29th

Molly Tsoukis

this episode makes the private investigaters did a real shitty job with the evidence

Nov 29th
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Jonah Miller

Im going to focus less on Adnan and more on the crossroads the reporter is facing in this episode. She wanted to believe innocence and when she had to set the evidence side by side in order, it bothered her. So much so that she sought advice that panned out to extra help. Its an amazing introspective look into the reproters torture over the case

Nov 16th
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Rose Null

o ok pool

Oct 27th

Jonathan Bolger

Is it just me or does it seem these guys want this guy to be innocent? Like, he seems super shady and sociopathic almost to me.

Sep 6th
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Armando Gonzalez

so ee vez

Sep 1st

Laura Romano

Super interesting episode!

Jul 13th








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S01 Episode 07: The Opposite of the Prosecution

S01 Episode 07: The Opposite of the Prosecution

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