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S01 Episode 08: The Deal with Jay

S01 Episode 08: The Deal with Jay

Update: 2014-11-13427


The state’s case against Adnan Syed hinged on Jay’s credibility; he was their star witness and also, because of his changing statements to police, their chief liability. Naturally, Adnan’s lawyer tried hard to make Jay look untrustworthy at trial. So, how did the jurors make sense of Jay? For that matter, how did the cops make sense of Jay? How are we supposed to make sense of Jay?
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Charlie Finnegan

Glad we're finally getting information from people who aren't biased in Adnon's favor. Jay may have had more involvement, but the case is still strongest against Adnon.

May 29th

Stephanie Kay Sears

I don't trust this Jay guy as far as I can throw him. He knows waaaaayyy more than what he is letting on.

Apr 18th

Gracie Rose

Is no one considering Stephanie? It's so odd she refused to even talk to her closest friends about it both then and still after all this time. I can definitely see Jay covering for her... If he himself didn't do it. Or they were in on it together.

Apr 3rd


Juror sounds like an idiot. Jay is not reliable or believable.

Jan 29th

Meme Chef

Jay's a shady boy who seems like he's covering something up or covering for someone else.

Jan 14th
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Janette Jones

The goal to just "build your case" not get to the truth is EXACTLY what is wrong with the justice system. Also, letting someone who is complicit go free, just for giving up their co-complicit "friend"....These are 2 reasons why so many innocent people are locked up. The injustice system incentivizes locking up the wrong people. The full truth will be revealed one day.

Dec 6th
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Julianne Derosa-Klug

What stands out to me is that Jay was probably jealous of Adnan's friendship with stephany.

Oct 18th

Jamie Phillips

I think jay did it js if he didn’t do it alone it was with adnon or someone else

Sep 21st

Corey Dougherty

Jay is a sociopath. Tried to stab his friend for fun. punching people randomly. He's creating a dominant and unpredictable atmosphere for the people around him. That's control. The fact that he was "alpha, sweet, and goofy" shows he had different masks when he was with different people. Hands down a sociopath. If he didn't set up Adnan he was right there next to him.

Mar 7th
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Aurora Myers

And the timeline after the murder. It doesn't match up with being at track, which isn't proven, but still seems wishy washy.

Feb 28th

Aurora Myers

I think Jay's either guilty or maybe covering for someone. I can't stop thinking about the letters from the girl at the library and the process of 21 minutes that it supposedly took Adnan to murder Hay. He ain't guilty. Jay is involved deeper somehow.

Feb 28th

Cassidy Kilmartin

I also feel like Jay plays a bigger picture in this.

Jan 24th

Dave Blacklock

waiting patiently to hear Adnan is innocent

Oct 4th
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Jay is shadier than an oak tree. I don't believe a single syllable spewing out of his mouth. Lyin' sack of sh!t.

Sep 29th
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Sierra Dawn Allred

Just read another version online where Jay said that he first saw the body at his grandmas house...

Jul 7th
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S01 Episode 08: The Deal with Jay

S01 Episode 08: The Deal with Jay

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