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S01 Episode 12: What We Know

S01 Episode 12: What We Know

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On January 13, 1999, Adnan Syed was a hurt and vengeful ex-boyfriend who carried out a premeditated murder. Or he was a bewildered bystander, framed for a crime he could never have committed. After 15 months of reporting, we take out everything we’ve got - interviews and documents and police reports - we shake it all out, and we see what sticks.
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Peter Ruiz

Heard the whole season 1 today. Enthralling is all I can say. But the one thing I can't wrapnly head around is Jay. He admitted to digging the hole, and helping dispose of the body. So, this should narrow down the guilty parties ( Jay and ?) scratch out Mr S., unless he knew Jay. wouldn't that be something! It's either Adnan and Jay equally guilty. Or just Jay. and Jay being the smartest to get away with it. Regardless, Jay getting 2 years probation is laughable. I'm sorry but even at that age you know right from wrong. IDC how street you are. the second you're asked to help with that you run away , call the police and tell them everything ASAP. I don't buy his BS reasons. Adnan is a charming dude, has the gift of gab. but I believe he's a sociopath and to some extent a narcissist. He sells it very well. He even convinces himself he's innocent. I wanted to believe he's innocent, but in the end I think he's where he needs to be. However, Jay? man, how in the hell did he get 2 years probation only? because he cried? And showed remorse? and was cooperative? I mean anyone would in that position would do ,and act the same way if they knew it would help them get that kind of sentence! Anyways, great show! I am addicted to it! can't wait to hear season 2!

Mar 7th

Jacqueline Sweeney

if Jay is trying to pin this murder on Adnan wouldnt he of planned that before and called nesha so they could "prove" Adnan was with him?

Dec 7th

Rob Flint

Maybe this happened and just wasn't covered in this specific podcast but does it strike anyone else as strange that Adnan has never once mentioned trying to find the person who actually did it? He keeps saying "It wasn't me. Nope, not me" but never does he say "I hope they find her killer, she was important to me" Like, he wants justice for himself but not Hae?

Nov 11th
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Aalok Galappatti

One reason I think he is not guilty is that even the dumbest criminals have a story of what they were doing on the day of the crime because that is your only ticket to freedom and Adnan had nothing. Absolutely nothing to say about his whereabouts on the day. If he did do it, he would have had a minute by minute timeline of what he did that day.

Oct 28th

Julianne Derosa-Klug

I think those things afte reason Adnan can be set up. The police know things afte able to work or around a person of interest.

Oct 19th

Dionne Lewis

damn man!😫i think iht go back and listen to this again lmao i have been listening at bedtime thinkn im all up to date n stuff lmao i just learned about there being DNA that was never tested on this episode smh (btw...i looked up the results online n NONE of the dna found in her body matches Adnon! not the dna under her nails, not the stuff found on the liquor bottle...NOTHING matches Seyeds dna. im back to thinkn hes innoent again damnit!! i was JUST comfortable w his guilt!! n now th8s dna twist! my gawd this is a crazy case!

Oct 9th

Jayar Ship

To me, throughout this series there have been several times when it really sounds like Adnan is lying, especially when he's thrown a question that seemingly catches him off gaurd. Everytime his voice goes high just like when he was asked in the very beginning, what was he doing that day. He says, "I dont remember anymore", (and his voice pitches high again) and it's a pattern or seems to be a tell throughout this whole series if u really listen to his explanations and answers to questions he isn't expecting at the moment. Just my opinion based on my observations🤷‍♂️

Sep 18th
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Samuel Anderson

Adnan is a highly manipulative sociopath. I can't move past this Jay guy making all these claims about Adnan. I don't believe many of the details and I think it's possible he either killed the girl himself or participated more than he's letting on. But I definitely think both Jay and Adnan played a role.

Jun 27th
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Trinity  miller

I think Adnan is a master manipulator. Remember the18 page letter he typed to Sarah? Something about couldn't let himself get close to her? I think everything he says and does is well thought out and is meant to manipulate others. Sounds like he has been the center of attention his whole life. He started a breakfast club in prison for crying out loud. That's one way to make friends. With all of that said, I do think he is innocent. I believe third party involved!

Jun 27th
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roger vo

the ending was/is busllshit!!!!!!!!! I invested MANY hours of listening. why tell a story when there is no ending???!!!???

Mar 21st

Rachael Beller-Guerrero

I don't Kno how voicemail worked in 99 but I personally never set up my voicemail and I learned from a friend that she has left me voicemails,so I finally set it up and I had a ton of old voicemails. I'm not sure how all phones work but just a thought. love the podcast

Mar 8th

Corey Dougherty

Jen and Jay hands down.

Mar 7th

kitty kat

Why has no one ever seemed to pick up on the point that the cops appear to have determined time of death from the time of a phonecall, that may or may not have been from the Best Buy? Did they not perform some sort of autopsy? I mean, if Hae's remains weren't found for a number of weeks, how can they apply a 21minute window to time of death? It appears they thought "she was last seen at X time and (un/reliable) Jay says he got a phonecall at Y time, so it must have happened during that time" neither of which are indicative of time of death

Feb 22nd
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Michael Cliby

i want to point something out that no one has mentioned.... he had just gotten a brand new cell phone and thats a pretty pivotal point as a teenager growing up the day you got your phone seems to be maybe a milestone to draw back on events of that day.....

Jan 23rd
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Bekah Renee Anderson

so who's DNA was connected to hay?

Jan 18th
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John Young

Adnan is the only one with motive it seems. I think they th got this one right, hes guilty

Dec 15th
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Russell Hayden

Jen and Jay did it

Oct 25th
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Dave Blacklock

Effin gripping. kinda cheesed we aren't left with a solidified answer. after listening to this season over the course of two days I'll be thinking about it for weeks to come. That right there is evidence of an amazing story. good work

Oct 5th


I don't know whether Adnan killed the girl. Maybe he did maybe he didn't. But what I DO know is that Jay is full of horse pucky. The guy spews horsesh!t every time he opens his mouth. But the detectives eat it up because it helps their case.

Sep 30th

Momina Hafeez

there is a huge possibility that someone else killed her and jay helped that person. that would explain tge 3:21 call.

Sep 17th
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S01 Episode 12: What We Know

S01 Episode 12: What We Know

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