DiscoverThe Family Histories PodcastS01EP02 - 'The Laundress' with Jane Hough
S01EP02 - 'The Laundress' with Jane Hough

S01EP02 - 'The Laundress' with Jane Hough

Update: 2021-06-081


In this episode, host Andrew Martin talks to UK genealogist Jane Hough about how she got hooked on researching her family tree in the 1980s, and her impressive DNA deciphering tactics that is getting her closer to solving an illegitimacy mystery.

Relatively Speaking - Mary Stone
Jane chooses her 5x Great Grandmother, Mary Stone, as the life story to share with us - detailing her life in Stourton, Gloucestershire as a laundry worker, through to an error of judgement that saw her being transported to Australia as a convict.

The Brick Wall - Thomas Edwards
Jane's Brick Wall sits right at the beginning of the Victorian era, with the origins of her 3x Great Grandfather Thomas Edwards. Jane is fairly sure the evidence points to his family having come from Wales, but with a mixture of theories and a name that is fairly common in Welsh records, it's over to you listeners to help solve it.

If you have a clue or a research idea, then you can head over to our show contact form, and we'll pass your message on.

Jane jumps at the offer of research help from Andrew, but it doesn't go completely to plan....

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Series One, Episode Two: 
Andrew Martin (Host/Producer)
Jane Hough (Guest)
Eliot Lees (Foley)
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S01EP02 - 'The Laundress' with Jane Hough

S01EP02 - 'The Laundress' with Jane Hough

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