DiscoverThe Family Histories PodcastS01EP03 - 'The Butcher' with George Hall
S01EP03 - 'The Butcher' with George Hall

S01EP03 - 'The Butcher' with George Hall

Update: 2021-06-15


In this episode, host Andrew meets George Hall - a fairly recent convert to researching family history, who will talk about how he got into researching as a Generation Z genealogist. He'll  explain what it's like to be a younger researcher, the tools he uses, and the work of The Hidden Branch, and his One-Place study.

Note: There is a background sound throughout this episode that was not detected whilst recording. Unfortunately despite our best efforts, we've not been able to remove it, and hope you will forgive us.

Relatively Speaking - Henry Hopkinson
George chose to tell the life story of Henry Hopkinson, his 4x Great Grandfather, from Birstall, West Yorkshire, UK. Henry made it somehow from the textiles industry to becoming an empire-building Butcher, whilst doing his best to raise his family with his wife Agnes. This came with plenty of challenges, often seeing Henry falling foul of planning laws, fines, and money troubles.

The Brick Wall - James Conley
It's off to census night 1871 in Sunderland, UK, where we hear about George's attempts to discover the origins of his 3x Great Grandfather James Conley. James seems to have origins in Ireland, but with a lack of clear evidence, a place name that doesn't seem to exist, and a mystery Catherine Collins, it's left George with a puzzle.

Can you help George demolish this brick wall? If you think you have a clue or a research idea, then you can contact him via our show contact form and we'll pass the message on.

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Episode Credits
Series One, Episode Three:
Andrew Martin (Host/Producer)
George Hall (Guest)
Eliot Lees (Foley).
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S01EP03 - 'The Butcher' with George Hall

S01EP03 - 'The Butcher' with George Hall

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