DiscoverMastering AgilityS02 E06 Embracing Conflict with Tricia Broderick
S02 E06 Embracing Conflict with Tricia Broderick

S02 E06 Embracing Conflict with Tricia Broderick

Update: 2021-10-11


People are complex. When we work with other people for a while, the probability that some form of conflict will arise goes up. Conflict can be truly uncomfortable. However, no progress is without conflict. It’s the way we handle it that creates that progress. Constructive disagreements with the right support can be very powerful. Communication is key. But it could go sideways real fast, too.

In this episode of Mastering Agility, Tricia Broderick (leadership and organizational advisor, founder at Ignite) is passionately open about what conflict does to her, how teams and organizations can use it, and a whole lot more! 

What you’ll discover in this show:

-        The difference between drama and conflict

-        Conflict, when handled correctly, is useful in your evolution as a team

-        What to do with feedback that’s not that clear


Tricia Broderick

Founder at Ignite insight + innovation 

Tricia Broderick is a leadership and organizational advisor. Tricia has over twenty years of experience in the software development industry. Her transformational leadership, at all levels of an organization, ignites the growth of leaders and high-performing teams to deliver quality outcomes.  Tricia boldly role models putting people first.  Her aim is to create inclusive connections and collaborations that challenge and support people in an authentic, vulnerable, and engaging way. As a result, she is a highly-rated trainer, coach, facilitator, and motivational keynote speaker.  In 2020, she founded Ignite Insight + Innovation.

When not traveling to experience the world, Tricia lives in Denver with her family.

Contact Tricia:

Sander Dur (host)

Scrum Master, Agile Coach, trainer, and podcast host for ‘Mastering Agility”

Sander Dur is a business agility enthusiast, with a passion for people. Whether it’s healthy product development, agile leadership, measurement, or psychological safety, Sander has the drive to enable organizations to the best of their abilities. He is an avid article writer, working on a book about Scrum Mastery from the Trenches, and is connecting listeners with the most influential people in the industry.


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S02 E06 Embracing Conflict with Tricia Broderick

S02 E06 Embracing Conflict with Tricia Broderick

Sander Dur