DiscoverJustice with John CarpayS02E03 The Dissent of Roman Baber
S02E03 The Dissent of Roman Baber

S02E03 The Dissent of Roman Baber

Update: 2021-01-22


We start off discussing the federal government's latest push to regulate social media, limiting free speech to protect us, of course. Then we get to our main topic about the expulsion from the Ontario PC caucus of MPP Roman Baber for highlighting the fact that the COVID lockdowns are causing more harms than they prevent.

Globe and Mail, Jan 18, 2021: Liberal government revising plan to regulate social media in light of U.S. Capitol riot

The Post Millennial, Jan 18, 2021: Trudeau Liberals to launch new bureaucracy to regulate Canadians' social media content

MSN News, Jan 12, 2021: Did The FBI Know About The Capitol Riot Before It Happened?

CNS News, Jan 6, 2021: Twitter Pulls Trump Video Calling for Peace, Telling Capitol Protesters to ‘Go Home’

CBC, Jan 15, 2021: Ford ousts MPP from caucus over open letter pushing for end to COVID-19 lockdown

Anthony Furey in The Toronto Sun, Jan 18, 2021: Former Ontario chief medical officer sides with Roman Baber on lockdowns

Daily Mail, Jan 18, 2021: Germany to house Covid rule breakers in refugee camps as bodies pile up in Eastern hotspots

Newsweek, Mar 29, 2020: Wuhan COVID-19 Death Toll May Be in Tens of Thousands, Data on Cremations and Shipments of Urns Suggest

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S02E03 The Dissent of Roman Baber

S02E03 The Dissent of Roman Baber

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