DiscoverJustice with John CarpayS02E28 A Dangerous Escalation
S02E28 A Dangerous Escalation

S02E28 A Dangerous Escalation

Update: 2021-08-31


On the topic of vaccine passports, hatred towards a minority grows as the vaccinated start to publicly adopt genocidal rhetoric aimed at the unvaccinated, claiming that the latter have no rights at all, including no right to live. Not an easy topic with which to to welcome back John to the podcast but, to borrow from Thomas Paine, these are the times that try men's souls.

CTV News, Aug 26, 2021: Alberta to launch 'convenient' card with vaccination status, but it will not be considered a vaccine passport

The Canadian Press via National Post, Aug 24, 2021: 'Passport to freedom': Quebec says vaccine passports available for download starting Wednesday

Vancouver is Awesome, Aug 23, 2021: Everything you need to know about B.C.'s new vaccine passport mandate

CTV News, Aug 23, 2021: No medical or religious exemptions for B.C.'s vaccine passport system

City News 1130, Aug 26, 2021: B.C. vaccine passport: Some businesses defiant, others anxious about enforcement

Montreal Gazette, Aug 25, 2021: Vaccine passport much better than complete lockdown, business groups say

My McMurray, Aug 24, 2021: Calgary Chamber of Commerce, Business Council of Alberta react to BC vaccine passport

Kenora Online, Aug 26, 2021: “Vaccines are the safest tool": PC Leader Erin O'Toole on vaccine passports

Toronto Star via Press Reader, Aug 26, 2021: Simmering Divide over who isn't vaccinated

Toronto99, Aug 26, 2021: ‘Hate Speech’: The Toronto Star slammed for headline wishing DEATH on the unvaccinated

CTV News, Aug 14, 2021: Vaccine passports getting mixed reaction across the Maritimes

Zerohedge, Aug 27, 2021: 'This Ends The Debate' - Israeli Study Shows Natural Immunity 13x More Effective Than Vaccines At Stopping Delta

Toronto Sun, Aug 20, 2021: Burial costs covered for Canadians killed by approved vaccines

Gary on Twitter, Aug 25, 2021: French citizens boycott vaccine passports by eating right in front of nearly empty, vaxx-only bars and restaurants.

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S02E28 A Dangerous Escalation

S02E28 A Dangerous Escalation

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