DiscoverJustice with John CarpayS02E30 Take the Jab or Lose the Job
S02E30 Take the Jab or Lose the Job

S02E30 Take the Jab or Lose the Job

Update: 2021-09-13


John reports that the Justice Centre is being inundated with calls from around the country of people who are facing the prospect of being forced to take a Covid shot or being terminated. He gives Canadians some good advice on what to do if you find yourself in that situation. We also take a look at a few more stories from the previous week as well.

Epoch Times, Sep 2, 2021: COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Expires 6 Months After 2nd Dose as Booster Shots Mandated: Israeli Officials

The Hill, Aug 3, 2021: Coming soon: America's own social credit system

American Thinker, Sep 10, 2021: Biden's vaccine mandate speech!

Justice Centre: Mandatory Covid Vaccine FAQs (scroll down to "My employer says take the vaccine or lose my job, what do I do?")

Direct link to the Justice Centre's Employer Vaccine Requirement Template

Marty Moore in the Western Standard, Sep 8, 2021: BC needs to cancel vaccination passport plan

Justice with John Carpay, Sep 10, 2020:  Ep. 36 Revisiting the "Vaccinate Or Mask" Controversy, Sep 10, 2021: Another poll: Do you support limiting the rights of the unvaccinated?

CBC, Sep 7, 2021: Alberta mayors demand the government step up with vaccine passports, school masking

Edmonton Journal, Sep 9, 2021: Leduc County mayor says she never agreed to sign letter calling for vaccine passports in Alberta

New York Post, May 1, 2021: Powerful teachers union influenced CDC on school reopenings, emails show

enVolve, Sep 7, 2021: Rolling Stone Forced To Issue Retraction After It’s Discovered Their Ivermectin Overdose Story Was Completely MADE UP

Nicole Bogart in CTV News, Sep 7, 2021: No, COVID-19 vaccines do not violate the Nuremberg Code

David Gorski in Science Based Medicine, Aug 30, 2021: Yes, the FDA really HAS given full approval to the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine

F. William Engdahl in New Eastern Outlook, Aug 30, 2021: Scandal Behind the FDA Fake Approval of Pfizer Jab

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S02E30 Take the Jab or Lose the Job

S02E30 Take the Jab or Lose the Job

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