DiscoverThe Family Histories PodcastS02EP02 - 'The Granddaddy' with True Lewis
S02EP02 - 'The Granddaddy' with True Lewis

S02EP02 - 'The Granddaddy' with True Lewis

Update: 2021-11-09


In this second episode - The Granddaddy - Andrew meets genealogist True Lewis and discovers how she got hooked on researching her family tree, what challenges she faces when researching her enslaved African-American ancestors, her work to research her American Revolutionary ancestor, and she talks about her co-host role on the Black Pro Gen Live show.

Relatively Speaking - Ike Ivery 
True has chosen her 2x Great Grandfather Isaac 'Ike' Ivery for her life story.

Ike was born into slavery in Alabama, USA, but when emancipation came, it is then that his family became the Ivery family - adding an 'r' to discontinue the name of their enslaver.

Ike lived a long and full life, marrying 3 times, having 23 children, and becoming a chaplain and a farmer - and listening to this life story, you can hear just how much love and respect True and her family continue to have towards their granddaddy.

The Brick Wall - Anna Maria Lambert 
It's True's 5x Great Grandmother, Anna Maria Lambert that is giving her the biggest Brick Wall headache.

Anna was born in 1764 in Albany Township, Pennsylvania, USA. Despite knowing this, and having done DNA tests that show a U5b1c2 ancestor group, True has not been able to find records that detail her parents, rumoured to be Dorothea Zimmerman and Nicholas Lambert, and she's been unable to confirm Anna's death too.

She really is True's mystery, and it's one that True believes gives her a connection to European, perhaps German, ancestors.

Can you help her find out more about Anna Maria Lambert? Do you know of records or research techniques she could try? If you think you can help True with her research, you can contact her at her website or via her Twitter account @MyTrueRoots, or over at's contact form.

In the meantime, True is keen to accept Andrew's offer of help, but her enthusiasm might just cause a bit of a problem...

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Series Two, Episode Two 
Andrew Martin (Host, Producer) 
True Lewis (Guest) 
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S02EP02 - 'The Granddaddy' with True Lewis

S02EP02 - 'The Granddaddy' with True Lewis

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