DiscoverThe Family Histories PodcastS02EP06 - 'The Captain' with Steve Jackson
S02EP06 - 'The Captain' with Steve Jackson

S02EP06 - 'The Captain' with Steve Jackson

Update: 2021-12-07


In this sixth episode, host Andrew Martin meets family historian Steve Jackson, who not only traces his family tree, but also undertakes a One-Name Study for the Atcherley surname, and a One-Place Study too. We'll be finding out how he got into genealogy, and the challenges he's faced whilst researching. 

Relatively Speaking - Captain James Atcherley 
We're all at sea, as Steve tells us about his 2nd Cousin, 7x Removed, Captain James Atcherley. Captain James fought as part of Admiral Nelson's fleet in 1805 at the Battle of Trafalgar, against the Franco-Spanish fleet. Despite his successful naval career, his personal life was not quite as honourable.   

The Brick Wall - Henry Atcherley 
Steve has been bothered by the brick wall of Henry Atcherley for a long time. He was presented for baptism at Hinstock, Shropshire, England, in August 1822, but who were his parents? The baptism register names a 'Mary Atcherley, Widow', but was she really Mary? Was she really a widow? Why not at her home parish at nearby High Ercall?  Can you help him break this brick wall? Head over to the episode show notes at to find out more and how to contact Steve. 

In the meantime, Andrew offers to help, but Steve has a few more questions... 

Episode Credits:
Series Two, Episode Six
Andrew Martin (Host, Producer)
Steve Jackson (Guest)
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S02EP06 - 'The Captain' with Steve Jackson

S02EP06 - 'The Captain' with Steve Jackson

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