DiscoverThe Family Histories PodcastS02EP07 - 'The Sapper' with Emma Jolly
S02EP07 - 'The Sapper' with Emma Jolly

S02EP07 - 'The Sapper' with Emma Jolly

Update: 2021-12-14


In this seventh and final episode of Series Two (sorry folks!), host Andrew meets professional genealogist and author, Emma Jolly. He'll be finding out how she got into family history, what it was like to work on TV shows Who Do You Think You Are? and Mancs In Mumbai, and ideas on how to encourage children to become interested in family history.

Relatively Speaking - William Jolly 
Emma has chosen her paternal Great Great Grandfather, William Jolly born in 1842 in Montrose, Forfarshire (now Angus), Scotland, as the life story to share with us.

It's a story set against British military history, and sees William travelling around the world wherever his work and family took him - including Scotland, Ireland, Malta, Norfolk in England, and a few places in London that have coincidentally been significant in Emma's life too.

The Brick Wall - Elizabeth Holmes 
We're off to August 1832 during a cholera epidemic in Sedgeley, West Midlands, England, as Emma is trying to find clues about her maternal 5x Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Holmes.

What's been puzzling Emma for so long, is the identity of Elizabeth's parents. Elizabeth is believed to have married in 1797 and Staffordshire, England, and died in 1827. Her mtDNA results - haplogroup T2b - are not giving any clear leads yet, so Emma is keen to find evidence to confirm Elizabeth's family.

If you think you have any clues that can help Emma with her brick wall, then you can send her a tweet at @EmmaJolly or head over to our Contact form, and we'll pass your message on.

Emma is happy to accept Andrew's offer of help, but little do they realise that they're about to be interrupted by a very unexpected visitor.

Episode Credits:
Series Two, Episode Seven
Andrew Martin (Host, Producer)
Emma Jolly (Guest)
John Spike (Sándor Petőfi)
Father Christmas (Himself)
JP Wright (Voice Actor)
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S02EP07 - 'The Sapper' with Emma Jolly

S02EP07 - 'The Sapper' with Emma Jolly

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