DiscoverSerialS03 Episode 01: A Bar Fight Walks into the Justice Center
S03 Episode 01: A Bar Fight Walks into the Justice Center

S03 Episode 01: A Bar Fight Walks into the Justice Center

Update: 2018-09-20534


A young woman at a bar is slapped on the butt. So why’s she the one in jail?
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Jeffrey Riddle

So, in the first episode you look to the color of people as a division between us and overlook the clear differences that actually should be talked about.: different cultures. It isn't the color of our skin that separates us, but the values we have. For example, the loud "shared" music in the elevator. Educated lawyers (black or white) would look at that and see a cultural faux pas while the uneducated (again black or white) would see this as an extension of the club scene beyond last night. See, a difference in culture. It is ridiculous to think that the glances between the "white" people means they are thinking about race. What if, just what if, they are looking at each other thinking that "this is culturally inappropriate to assume that I like this kind of music or that I want to hear it right now?" This podcast is edging on the side of being a race-baiting diatribe.

Apr 28th


"It never helps to be black, and it never hurts to be white." this is so disgusting and sad.

Mar 2nd

Ryan Dunn

The female prosecutor Jennifer was a real cunt.

Jan 15th
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Kit Kat

Thank you for all the work and time that went into making this podcast! The issues concerning race, gender, and our justice system are extremely relevant and the public should get to know all sides of the story. Can't wait to hear more :)

Jan 15th

AK007 Campbell

Lord! I've just started this and my blood is boiling! No charges should have filed at all.

Nov 14th
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george v

I can tell the Prosecutor has never been in a fight before, specially in a bar fight. Dude, you just go into survival mode. The craziest thing is that the prosecutor is butt hurt about how the defense lawyer approached her. What?!!! This system is so messed up.

Jul 1st
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Kacey Lynn Piña

How was Anna supposed to stop when she was being attacked. It shouldn’t matter if there is audio it’s obvious she was harassed at then attacked and multiple people involved how is she supposed to know what is going on with so much chaos. This is crazy. So unfair.

Jun 19th


If the system worked, the people who assaulted Anna would have been charged and convicted. So maybe things could have gone worse for Anna, but they certainly didn't work out overall.

Jun 1st

Marisela Barajas

Anna got screwed. That sergeant was an ass hole & should never have taken her to jail. He knew what happened because that lady said what happened to her. Anna was sexually assaulted & also an officer calling her sweetheart is inappropriate. no officer should EVER call a woman sweetheart.

Mar 12th

jill paterno


Mar 6th

charles collinson

The rule of law doesn't exist

Jan 23rd

Lyle Jenish

what a disappointment. Compelling characters and stories reduced to simple PC analysis: race and gender. The narrator never misses the opportunity to squeeze issues and conflicts into one or both of these two boxes. Tedious and predictable.

Jan 19th
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Tonya Free

Bar Fight. Thank you! My dream in life is to expose. I am a convicted felon. I have been through the system. I am from Columbus, Ohio and I see the sisterhood in the close county court systems. As a matter of fact, my fiance has been hazed by Cuyahoga county. I have recently been scared into yet ANOTHER plea bargain....except this time I caught the wrath of a bank robbery. Ever heard of 3 years probation for a crime of that Magnitude???? Ask me how you can achieve probation for ROBBING A BANK AT GUN POINT! My point exactly😢😢😢😢😢

Jan 14th


it's so sad that you chose to try something different for season 3..... maybe cause the lack of good stories...dont know.But it seems to me that season 3 dont fit with the title 'Serial' . There is no suspense anymore and no reason for me to wanna listen to the next episode. In the last 2 season , I was craving for new episodes to arrive... but now, there is just no reason for me to listen to the next. ...

Nov 17th


S2's basic premise: military dude gets kidnapped by Al Quaeda b/c he wanted to be the Bourne Ultimatum/Legacy/etc. I really tried to get into it... After a few episodes, I rage quit the rest of S2, lol! Onto S3. Hopefully not quite as boring. BTW, shouldn't this podcast be about serial killers?

Nov 4th
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Liz Fisher Sobocinski

I'm halfway through episode one and am so upset by the female prosecutor who said "if she just stopped fighting ...." I am a supporter of the guys in blue, but as a female myself, I can understand why Anna kept fighting - she was getting beat on and regardless if she could hear the police officer or not her adrenaline was probably so high from fear that it would take a moment for that command from the officer to register. However, she was in a "fight or flight" scenario, so her brain was only thinking about staying alive! I understand the prosecutor has something to prove, but for Christ sake, choose your battles and have compassion!

Oct 30th
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🦑 suprising cameo character 🦑🏳️‍🌈

I can't help but getting upset when I hear the talk about pursuing trial is an "obstructionist". This is peoples lives! Even in the first episode how broken the court system is.

Oct 28th

Lauren Hebrank

am I supposed to feel bad for her?

Oct 25th
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Peter Chaloner

Anna was clearly guilty of Unladylike Behaviour. 4 days in jail and fines? Society's encouragement to learn how to act in a ladylike manner.

Oct 24th
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Lois A. Grimm

"Huh, is that how it works in Cleveland?" That's how it works in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Oct 18th
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S03 Episode 01: A Bar Fight Walks into the Justice Center

S03 Episode 01: A Bar Fight Walks into the Justice Center

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