DiscoverSerialS03 Episode 02: You’ve Got Some Gauls
S03 Episode 02: You’ve Got Some Gauls

S03 Episode 02: You’ve Got Some Gauls

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When a judge believes he knows you better than you know yourself.
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This vile judge isn't administering the law, let alone impartially; he's issuing his personal judgements based on his own intuitions and biases. He seems utterly incapable of separating himself from the public office he holds, as if society has merely handed over the power of the state to enact his views and whims. I found nearly everything he said reprehensible, ignorant, self-aggrandizing, damning, and severely corrosive to the rule of law.

Sep 10th

Jimmy Jurassic

Sooo...if I assume a rich, powerful, white guy is a sexual predator based on modern stereotypes, that's cool right?

Mar 11th

Seth Garrett Runsick

Reshawn had to take responsibility for being at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong crowd. Gaul wasnt looking for him to admit he was the reason the crimes happened but accept responsibility for the consequences of being associated with criminals. That he himself got into trouble because of the company he kept, that no one forced him to be there when the offenses took place.

Feb 29th
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mia blu

Gaul has alot of gall lol

Dec 7th

Katherine Goodermote

Judge Gaul is crazy but his ends seam to justify his means

Nov 28th
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Gaul sounds like Ron Swanson and I can't unhear it.

Jul 8th

Esther  Lopez

With all the different ways judges have to deal with people who commit crimes it still appears nothing works. Most of these defendants repeat the same behaviors that got them into trouble. I think that unfortunately by the time they are in adult courts it’s too late to help them.

Jun 27th

Nancy W

This judge has a God complex. It isn't his job to cull the population problem nor judge women for being pregnant. I can barely listen to this episode due to his racist, misogynistic views and how he wields his power.

Jun 7th
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There's a lack of personal responsibility all right... on the part of this reprehensible judge!

Jun 1st
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Julie Gatesman

voters keep voting this guy in..... this is why I vote no to all judges. need to change stuff up. but people have nonidea who they are voting for amd i think they just figure, well theyre in there guess we should keep them in there. Nope!

Apr 18th

Caleb Sowers

Judge Gaul is the man!

Feb 20th

Michele Gray

season 3 episode 2...I agree with the judge. the millenials are whiny participation trophy recipients who have no respect for elders or others and feel they are owed something. they are lazy and unambitious. so thankful I did not raise my children that way and they are good respectful, hard working, responsible citizens/adults. they are open minded and respectful of others. I like the hard line the judge takes. these young people need to take responsibility for their actions.

Jan 21st
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Tiffani Wunder

this episode really made me kind of dislike this podcast. what is the point of it exactly. the judge was 100%correct in what he said. was it politically correct? no. but it is true. and shes going on about the drug addict as if she felt bad for is her fault she kept ending up back in court.

Jan 9th
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I think we ALL understand that there is something wrong with our court system as a nation. That said, if you do something wrong, and you dont like the way you were your probation or your time and jump through those hoops of the broken system and make it your PERSONAL GOAL to NOT f*@k up under punishment, and then? Stop DOING crime!! stay out of their way man! Do not allow yourself to do the things that get you back in their path! just stop. ffs.

Jan 1st

Valerie Baptiste

if this judge was truly interested in rehabbing folks, he would route more offenders to drug court. This man is suffering from white savior syndrome with a healthy dose of hubris. His assumptioms about bllack defendants in his courtroom is incredibly offensive to me This asshole needs to stop using the courtroom to work out his control issues. he's an asshole.

Dec 8th
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Emily K Guleff

white savior complex.

Dec 5th

Wendy Bruder

I love that judge Gaul. hes totally right about people popping out kids without thinking what life will be like for those kids. it's time more people started thinking about the implications of something as serious as bringing another LIFE into the world.

Nov 28th

Kim Burdick

While I get what this judge is trying to do, I find the implication that only a traditional family dynamic produces children who don't end up in jail highly offensive. I'm single and in my 30s and considering having a baby on my own. I had a dad and a traditional upbringing and frankly, people become parents for all the wrong reasons every day. I certainly don't think that me raising a child on my own is going to equate to me raising a jail bird. This guy is way too close-minded to sit on the bench.

Nov 19th
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Darrell Strickland

that judge is the most based judge I've ever heard

Nov 9th
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JoeAnne McCarthy-Whalen

im loving season 3. its nice to see a podcast with such a massove following tackle the hard truths of systemic racism especially the prevalence of such in the CJS. the more people you reach the more youll open even the most stubborn of closed minds. cant deny FACTS.

Oct 21st








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S03 Episode 02: You’ve Got Some Gauls

S03 Episode 02: You’ve Got Some Gauls

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