DiscoverSerialS03 Episode 08: A Madman’s Vacation
S03 Episode 08: A Madman’s Vacation

S03 Episode 08: A Madman’s Vacation

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A teenager decides to cooperate.
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Life and Liberty

the longer this series goes on... the more and more bias the narrator gets. Season 1 was goodish. you could tell which way she leaned early on... now, she just straight up defends every criminal! this episode she asks did any adult know where you were after you were taken into custody? the answer was No. but that is a complete lie. he was taken into custody FROM HIS BED AT HIS HOUSE. there were no parents there? his parents knew exactly where he was. just tell the story and let the listen decide what the truth is. quit being so biased!

Jun 24th

Billy Pangel

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Mar 31st

Jq Baker

If Joshua goes to the Adult Unit then he will have to face those guys he snitched on in there. Thats probably what he is really worried about.

Dec 22nd

Katie Goetting

Lol most of the comments are racist and disgusting. Surprise surprise.

Nov 20th

Caleb Sowers

if you listen closely when she talks to Josh, you can hear the world's smallest violin playing the world's saddest song, just for him.

Feb 25th
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Spencer Cramer


Dec 27th


Assholery is not a criminal offense but it sure can get u shot, lol!

Dec 21st

yeazy th

Hey yall

Nov 20th


These are the consequences of being about that life. No excuses about having to join a gang to survive yada yada fuck that there's always another way. Joshua sounds like a career scumbag well on his way to an early grave and I am supposed to have sympathy?

Nov 14th
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Nick Kerr

Denise Rini was one of the best judges in the juvenile court. The best results I saw from abuse/neglect cases came from her because she grew up as an orphan so she was able to use herself as an example to the kids that were getting sent to permanent placements away from their parents. She was a great judge. But she was also a Republican in a very Democratic city. So she got elected out just because of her party even though she was objectively one of the most effective judges they has because of her personal experience.

Nov 13th

sparkle butt

I feel bad. these are kids. wrapped up in a bad lifestyle. the right cards were not handed to them. also this episode reminded me of orange is the new black. but kid style

Nov 12th
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Hard to have any sympathy for a guy (Joshua) who's committing armed robberies at age 16, but I think he got shafted by the Feds. Once they shook him down for intel on the gang, they knew he'd be targeted for being a snitch and the least they could have done is have him put in a juvenile facility away from his hometown and his former gang buddies. But hey, waddaya gonna do? 🤷‍♂️

Nov 10th
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Those stories from inside juvinile... Fuckin savages. I guess that's why they're in there and the rest of us are out here.

Nov 9th
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S03 Episode 08: A Madman’s Vacation

S03 Episode 08: A Madman’s Vacation

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