DiscoverThe Lucky FewS03 Episode 1 - Owning Your Influence: WDSD & Dear Mom, Conference
S03 Episode 1 - Owning Your Influence: WDSD & Dear Mom, Conference

S03 Episode 1 - Owning Your Influence: WDSD & Dear Mom, Conference

Update: 2019-03-21


Hi friends! Welcome to Season 3 of The Lucky Few Podcast. We are SO glad you found your way here, and on World Down Syndrome Day of all days! There is no better time to talk about owning your influence than right now. So let’s talk about it, with all the moms at Dear Mom, Conference! We’re asking, “What does it mean to be a shouter of worth?” 

For some mamas it means planning an awareness event in your city, and to others it means blogging, or even adopting! All of these narrative shifting ladies prove that each of us has influence in our spaces, no matter where we live or how many followers we have. This season, we encourage all of you to do the same. Own your influence and shout the worth of individuals with Down Syndrome, every single day. 

So let’s sit down and chat about what we’ve been up to for the past few months and how we’re owning our influence daily, alongside all of you! What an honor to shout the worth together. 

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See more from the Dear Mom, Conference on Instagram! 

Learn more about Dear Mom, Conference at their Website Here

Love the stories of our Dear Mom ladies? Watch them own their influence online: 

  • Sonia Barker is lighting up her city blue and yellow on World Down Syndrome Day. She’s owning her influence on Instagram at @soniasjoy 

  • Taylor and her husband just adopted a newborn with Down Syndrome. Baby George has shown Taylor that parenting a child with DS does not make you a brave hero, but a very lucky mama! Follow her journey on Instagram at @chosenforjohnson 

  • Stephanie is on a mission to change the world’s perspective. She’s doing just that in her new children’s book: He Gave Them Something Extra, available in two months! 

  • Isaac’s family is working hard to shift the narrative in his school district. His mother and sisters arranged to have him fully included in the classroom, and he’s rocking it. 

  • Hollyce blogs all about her beautifully blended family, including her 1 year old: Hudson! Her blog and Instagram show the world that different is okay and uniqueness should be celebrated.

  • Cailtin and Kori are best friends using their Instagram influence to shout the worth of their daughters: the cutest baby girls with Down Syndrome! They’re on Instagram at @shesjustsoextra and @korityler 

  • Monica has an 11 year old son with Down Syndrome. She is sharing her story online and living life with some other lucky mamas in her area with her Facebook group: Healthy Living For Special Needs Moms!


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S03 Episode 1 - Owning Your Influence: WDSD & Dear Mom, Conference

S03 Episode 1 - Owning Your Influence: WDSD & Dear Mom, Conference

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