DiscoverPop, Collaborate & ListenS04E01 Little Angels 'Jam'
S04E01 Little Angels 'Jam'

S04E01 Little Angels 'Jam'

Update: 2021-04-13


WHAT THE HECK? Yes indeed, it's the first episode of Season 4! We've finished with the music of 1992 and are casting it off like a bootleg T-shirt that you bought outside the gig but then lost all of its backprint and one of its sleeves after just one wash.

And here we are looking down the barrel of a very exciting 1993 with so many amazing bands and new genres appearing almost weekly, a brand new world. So obviously we're starting this journey off with Little Angels and their album 'Jam' which it turns out, no really, got to number one in January 1993. I know.

It's a band and a genre that both of us thoroughly ignored at the time so neither of us had any clue what this was going to sound like - well I mean, that's not strictly true but you know what we mean.

But along the way we do get to chat about other bands like Apache Indian, Jesus Jones and The The so that's always a treat. All of these acts, as well as the entire Little Angels album, are included on this episode's companion playlist.

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S04E01 Little Angels 'Jam'

S04E01 Little Angels 'Jam'

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