S06.E09: They Call Me Mad?!

S06.E09: They Call Me Mad?!

Update: 2022-03-14


The first eliminations of season six come to a close with a tight match between Amy, Cheyenne, and Ian. It's gerunds on parade in round one as we add an 'i-n-g' to some of our favorite titles. Then, we take a trip to the lab to explore the madness behind some pop culture mad scientists. It all wraps up with the lightning round, which completes the lineup for the Mark VII Division finals! Join us next week for an off-season Oscar special before the season six playoffs!

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Episode Notes

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👨🏼‍⚕️ If "Mark Sloan" doesn't sound familiar as a Grey's Anatomy character, maybe you remember him as "McSteamy."

🚀 Of course, That 70s Show did an actual episode where they go and see Star Wars.

🎯 The Hawkeye scorebreak. Hawkeye: just fine, but next time, let's just cut out Renner altogether, maybe [Correct. 7.5/10]

🧟 Igor/Ygor first appeared in Son of Frankenstein, though there was a similar character, named "Fritz" in the original movie, a role taken from the stage play, not the book.

🪰 Seth Brundle from The Fly is more of an engineer, and admits to not really understanding how the teleportation device works. No relation to Amy.

🤖 The test for androids from Blade Runner isn't the Turing test, but the Voight-Kampff test, which is rather different (even if it has a similar aim).

👑 The pronunciation of Ghidorah is unexpectedly contentious.

🪖 The TV show with Sgt. Bilko was The Phil Silvers Show, though the much later movie was called Sgt. Bilko.

📷 Amy can be found on Instagram!

📷 Cheyenne would point listeners towards the instagram of her Laundry Room Freecycle

🐦 Ian claims to be funny sometimes on Twitter. Find out for yourself.

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S06.E09: They Call Me Mad?!

S06.E09: They Call Me Mad?!