DiscoverThe Great American Pop Culture Quiz ShowS06.E13: Another Brick in the Wall
S06.E13: Another Brick in the Wall

S06.E13: Another Brick in the Wall

Update: 2022-04-18


This is it, y'all! We have made it to the season six finale with three absolute tanks ready to duke it out to become our next super mondo champion of champions. Look out for odd premises in round one where we insert the surnames of actors into unrelated properties that have their first name. But keep your eyes on the floor for round two so that you don't step on the bricks from the pop culture Lego sets we'll be quizzing our players about. Then an absolutely FAB lightning round caps off another exciting season! See you next week for something special!

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Episode Notes

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🦸‍♂️ Note that we're talking about the 2011 show called The Cape, not the 1996 Adam Baldwin/Corbin Bernsen astronaut drama by the same name.

🔨 Kenneth Branagh wasn't in Thor, but he did direct it.

👊 Henry Cavill cocking his fists in Mission: Impossible Fallout, is an amazing scene, just try to ignore all of the continuity errors that show up halfway through.

💬 It's actually "Ah-Melee Blunt in Par-ee"

🤼‍♂️ For those in the know, the reference to Rhonda Rousey's signature armbar is a dead giveaway.

🪞 The "Yaaas Queen" sign is nice, but the Queer Eye Lego set also has a mirror, which is very cool.

🤴 The Prince of Persia Lego sets are pretty cool looking actually. And calling it "Alamut" makes it a low-key Assassin's Creed Crossover!

🚕 George Carlin did, indeed, have a 90s sitcom. He played a cab driver.

🤿 If you want a deep dive into "The Worst Toilet in Scotland," here you go.

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S06.E13: Another Brick in the Wall

S06.E13: Another Brick in the Wall