S07.E02: Not A Word About Bruno

S07.E02: Not A Word About Bruno

Update: 2022-05-16


Season seven continues this week with all-new players Ross, Drew, and Amy. After a Marvel-ous round of My Champion, round one takes a cue from Encanto" to explore all the characters we DON'T talk about. Round two celebrates the actresses who played Jerry's many (many many) girlfriends on Seinfeld, before it all comes down to the lightning round!


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📰 Ed Asner played Lou Grant on two different shows: one a comedy, one a drama.

🧜‍♀️ Ponyo was inspired by The Little Mermaid.

🇺🇸 Pogo is an American classic.

🤯 The Project 863 Scorebreak. The Scorebreak that;s better than anything Netflix puts out. [1/10. Have no idea what this is, feel like I might have been punk’d.]

🍉 Note that we didn’t say which “Gallagher” we were talking about. It gets weird.

🤖 Yes, Lance Henriksen is on The Blacklist.

🦆 Daffy Duck was Robin Hood, not Friar Tuck, in that cartoon.

🦸🏼‍♀️ That Helen Slater Supergirl movie is really weird.

🤴 The Kings Scorebreak: Have you ever wondered what Succession would be like if it was full of painfully earnest biblical references, starred Ian McShane, and aired on NBC in 2009? If so, watch Kings! [4/10. I watched that show, but comparisons to Succession are highly misleading.]

👍 The Fonz wound up as a school teacher, because reasons.

😾 Garfield dolls sticking to glass was a huge deal.

🐈 Luna was just a doll in most of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

🐞 The French cartoon Miraculous is real popular with the kids.

🎞 Drew has a YouTube Channel of his music

Drew can also be found on TikTok

🌧 Amy would like to plug the charity Rain for the Sahel and Sahara

🐦 Ross can be found on Twitter.

🎥 Ross is also on Letterboxd, like all the cool kids.

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S07.E02: Not A Word About Bruno

S07.E02: Not A Word About Bruno

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