S07.E11: Oh, Einstein!

S07.E11: Oh, Einstein!

Update: 2022-09-26


The season seven playoffs roll on as Ross, Jon, and Derek square off to determine the winner of the Monster Division. We'll take a trip back in time to the community sports programs of our youths before going even further back in time to quiz about pop culture portrayals of Albert Einstein. They'll make you say "Yahoo!" Seriously. Round two asks our players to name pop culture properties based on the titles of the fictional books found within them. All of that, plus the customary but nonetheless vibrant and exciting, lightning round!


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⚽️ Ladybugs is also a rare movie role for legendary Dodger’s coach Tommy Lasorda. But he was on Arli$$ multiple times!

🧠 The “Einstein” in Farscape is played by long time British character actor and “that guy” John Bach.

🧫 The Weird Science TV series ran on USA for five seasons.

🏆 Another Period might be the winner in the “unlikely actor playing Einstein” race, with comedian Matt Gourley in the role.

🖐 The Persona Five scorebreak: Persona Five. By the time you’re shooting the concept of apathy in the face, it seems like there might be a metaphor going on here.

🌏 As Taylor promised, here’s that Joe Biden appearance on Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

🐹 There’s a surprisingly deep backstory to “Hamster Huey” that is, mostly, unrevealed.

🪵 Yes, the Junior Woodchuck’s Guidebook has all the information of the library of Alexandria. It’s a whole thing.

🥷 The Clandestine scorebreak: The Clandestine. The Clandestine. And you thought Rocket Raccoon was a deep cut.

👼 The Heavenly Kid is really weird.

🩸 Bloodshot is good, actually. (No, it's not - Dave)

🎮 Yes, Mikhail Gorbachev was in one of the endings of the original Street Fighter II.

🐦 Ross is on Twitter!

🎞 Derek does movie riffing at Down in Front.

😆 Or see him live at Logan Square Improv.

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S07.E11: Oh, Einstein!

S07.E11: Oh, Einstein!

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