S07.E12: Tunes For Tots

S07.E12: Tunes For Tots

Update: 2022-10-10


It's the last of our divisional finals! Who will be the third contestant to advance to the season championship match? Will it be Rob? Or Scott? Or Liz? Or maybe a fourth contestant will crash the record, chloroform the other contestants and stroll to a leisurely, unfulfilling victory leading to record low ratings that will, in short order, doom the podcast? Only one way to find out; ask a friend who listens.


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🪐 The OST is the subject of a lot of controversy, especially over the extent to which it covers private individuals and corporations.

👅 According to Dave Barry, “Yummy Yummy Yummy” is the second worst song ever, beaten out by Richard Harris’ “MacArthur Park.”

🧊 While not in the original credits, Bowie and the members of Queen were later added as composers on the official credits to “Ice Ice Baby.”

🦈 “Baby Shark” is successful enough that there’s a fight over who wrote it.

🐯 The RRR Scorebreak: RRR: The only movie with the courage to defeat colonialism with a dance off. And a tiger. [8/10. And an elk-based murder. Would be higher, but we record these far enough in advance that no one will remember a Netflix movie from the Summer.]

🎩 Note that Kipling poem is Gentlemen RANKERS. Get your mind out of the gutter.

🦇 In the Tim Burton Batman movies, Billy Dee Williams played Harvey Dent.

🏰 The Netflix Castlevania series had four seasons, running until 2022, and has a spin-off/continuation on the way.

🧑‍🍳 The Iron Chef scorebreak. Iron Chef: In the words of my uncle, “Allez Cuisine!”[6.5/10. Would be 9/10, but none of the new versions have really captured the magic.]

🌈 Rainbow Six is a Tom Clancy videogame franchise.

👯‍♂️ The Coen Brothers editing pseudonym is a whole thing.

✍️ Liz writes for Consequence

🐦 Liz is on Twitter

🖥 Liz even has a personal site

🐦 Rob’s research group is on Twitter

🎥 Scott can be found on his movie podcast, Some Like it Scott. They do trivia there, too.

🎞 Scott’s also on Letterboxd

🐦 Scott posts on Twitter

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S07.E12: Tunes For Tots

S07.E12: Tunes For Tots

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