S08.E03: Rolling The Dice

S08.E03: Rolling The Dice

Update: 2023-01-02


Ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out! The third matchup of the season brings in a new crop of players to test their knowledge of pop culture past, present, and future! Ok, we're not asking about any unreleased properties, but we ARE getting nerdy with Adal, Keegan, and Lucy as we quiz on pop culture representations of Dungeons & Dragons, as well as delving into the nooks and crannies of the multitude of weird ways that Fortnite has pulled in other movies and TV. All this, plus a lightning round!


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👨🏾‍💻 Maurice Moss (often mispronounced “Mozz”) is the Richard Ayoade character on The IT Crowd. Not to be confused with British Columbian colonist Morris Moss.

🌳 Arbor Day is actually two movies: a little-seen horror spoof from 2019, and an Our Gang short from 1936. That’s the one with future Oscar winner Hattie McDaniel!

🧌 If you’re interested, you can buy an actual version of Orges and Oubliettes for the My Little Pony role playing game.

🚢 The Super 3D Noah’s Ark Scorebreak. Super 3D Noah’s Ark: Sure, grandma, this is a first person shooter for the SNES. [7/10 Never played it, but I love the idea of knock-off Christian bookstore only videogames.]

🎞️ Gothika has an amazing cast (Halle Berry! Robert Downey Jr! Penelope Cruz!), and made $140M worldwide in 2003.

👆 Kid Cudi had a song with Ariana Grande in “Don’t Look Up.”

⚡️ System Shock has the players on a space station, going up against a malevolent AI. There are no zombies involved.

🥱 The Portishead scorebreak: Portishead. Turns out the folks from To Kill a Dead Man have a band, too! [4/10 You all are getting obscure, even for me. But “Portishead” is fun to say.]

😢 Joan Cusack got fired from SNL after one season, but a whole bunch of the cast got fired that year.

🍺 They didn’t do Duff Beer as a Simpsons Movie tie-in, but you can get it at either Universal Studios Theme Park in the US.

🗼 George Orwell did indeed write a book called Down and Out in Paris and London. But we’re generally trying to be more obvious than that.

🤔 Adal does a bunch of great podcasts, including Hey Riddle Riddle

🐰 And Hello from the Magic Tavern.

👹 And The Monster Line.

🎭 Lucy is the Chair of the Board of Trustees and an actor with Advice to the Players, bringing Shakespeare to New Hampshire.

🗣️ And she recommends that Through Methods Discord server (where you can find your beloved hosts as well).
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S08.E03: Rolling The Dice

S08.E03: Rolling The Dice

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