DiscoverThe DooDoo Diva's Smells Like Money PodcastS1 E9 Safeguarding Your Crews and Revenues Too
S1 E9 Safeguarding Your Crews and Revenues Too

S1 E9 Safeguarding Your Crews and Revenues Too

Update: 2022-03-22


Today on The DooDoo Diva's Smells Like Money Podcast, President of Hydro Products Corp, T.J. Suiter, continues the discussion on the dangers of wastewater work, focusing on risk reduction and the promotion of best practices. Here, T.J. shares his #1 tip to reduce one of the most common risks to jetting, the smart way to conduct audits for companies, and his take on empowering workers to champion safety and sanitation.

This episode covers:

· Investing in safety training, protocol, and devices result in significant impacts

· How expensive can "it's expensive to be sick" get?

· Quiet/Surprise Audits vs. Announced Audits

· To punish bad performance or incentivize good performance?

· The Vanguard System – on CCTV vehicles

About T.J. Suiter:

T.J. Suiter got his start in the sewer and drain industry over 30 years ago when he started a pipe cleaning and inspection business in Denver. The company specialized in residential and commercial work for the first few years before moving into municipal work.

During his off-hours, Suiter volunteered with a couple organizations, including a local hospice. It was there that he began learning about the pathogens he could potentially be exposed to from patients, how they can transfer, and, most important, how to handle them to keep himself and others safe. It was a unique situation, working with raw sewage by day and with terminally ill patients by night.

With new knowledge of pathogen transfer, Suiter started thinking about the dangers posed to those in the wastewater industry. The same pathogens that hospice workers wore gloves, gowns, and face shields to protect themselves from coming in direct contact with were in the wastewater stream, splashing around and getting on workers. And they were often left behind in puddles on the street or yard. So he decided to do something about it to help reduce exposure and protect his team.

The result was the Vanguard Pathogen Defense System.

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S1 E9 Safeguarding Your Crews and Revenues Too

S1 E9 Safeguarding Your Crews and Revenues Too

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