DiscoverThe Horror of Dolores RoachS1 Ep. 1 All the Gory Details
S1 Ep. 1 All the Gory Details

S1 Ep. 1 All the Gory Details

Update: 2018-10-1741


Dolores is reunited with Luis, weed, empanadas, and privacy.

Dolores Roach- Daphne Rubin-Vega, 

Luis Batista- Bobby Cannavale, 

Claire- Abigail Spencer, 

Fat F**k-David Zayas, 

Jeremiah- John Douglas Thompson, 

Nellie- Kita Updike 

Written and directed by Aaron Mark, executive produced by Mimi O’Donnell, produced by Katie Pastore, Matthew Boll and Daphne Rubin-Vega, associate produced by MR Daniel. Sound design by Haley Shaw, foley recording by Nico Osborne, mixed by Matthew Boll. Score by Allison Leyton-Brown, music production and mix by Matthew Boll and Bobby Lord, additional engineering by Sam Bair and Shachar Boussani, additional assistance by Daniel Brunelle and Armando Serrano. Special thanks to Kristen Luciani, Saul Nathan-Kazis, Jim Nicola, and Danny Feldman. THE HORROR OF DOLORES ROACH is a production of Gimlet Media. 

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Comments (16)

Andi-Roo Libecap

Dear Adam, What's wrong with a woman engaging in consensual sexual activities? And getting paid for it? Nothing, is what! oh, and btw, in 2020 we don't call people retarded - even people who are, in fact, somehow impaired or handicapped. Geezy, it's almost like you're a Boomer or something! But I mean I'm in my 40s and even I know it's okay for grown ass women to make their own bodily decisions. Sincerely, Every lady with a WAP

Dec 30th
Reply (8)

Samden Hymstein

Holy shit, this show is terrible. The main character is a massive whore, and literally retarded. Nothing about this is scary or even interesting.

Dec 16th

Briana Scoggins

I'm a ridiculously busy human with no time for anything, BUT I took the time to find out where and how I can contact you regarding your show, The Horror of Dolores Roach. This was the best podcast I've ever heard! The acting was amazing. Please come out with another season and/or more shows along the same line, using the same talent!

Jan 1st
Reply (1)

Deleon Macklin

Hooked already

Nov 15th

Ari Christine

I agree ... this podcasts is so authentic. loved it!!!

Nov 9th

Derick Bowers

This first episode is one of the best voice acting I have ever heard in podcast. This story of new NYC to someone returning home from prison is spot on. Is there an Oscar for podcasts? because this deserves one.

Oct 31st
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S1 Ep. 1 All the Gory Details

S1 Ep. 1 All the Gory Details