DiscoverSchool of Self MadeS1E2 - Beginners How to Make $100-200 TODAY
S1E2 - Beginners How to Make $100-200 TODAY

S1E2 - Beginners How to Make $100-200 TODAY

Update: 2020-10-27


Need some extra money for the weekend?  Or maybe you want to start earning money today without putting an initial investment up front. 

Then this is the episode for you. Here's a completely free method that I personally used in the past to put together some initial cash. All you need is Wifi, Facebook, and a cell phone.

Learn how to make cash today from picking up free items from Facebook Marketplace and then reselling those same items back on Facebook Marketplace for quick cash. No degree or work experience is required.

Years ago, when I needed to start over after losing my businesses, I fell into a semi depression. No big deal; it happens to the best of us. But after dusting myself off I quickly realized I needed to do something and do something FAST.  With a little quick thinking and some hard work I was able to make over $1000 a week from picking up free items from platforms like Facebook Marketplace, cleaning them up, and then reselling those items back on Facebook Marketplace. 

I quickly learned how to work for my money. Is it easy? Yeah, kinda. But it will require some effort. Nothing in life is given to you free. Here's one actionable plan that you can start TODAY to make $100-200 TODAY.  You don't have to invest a single dime of your own money.  You just have to be willing to do some work. 

Check out where I'll leave some info on how to make this plan easier.  Plus I'll give you my helpful guide on how to edit pictures right from your phone.  You don't need expensive photo editing software.  

If you really want to create repeat business equalling more dollars for you grab yourself FREE business cards from Logo Garden at and pass them out to everyone you pick up free items from and also the customers you're gaining.  In the episode I mention VistaPrint, but after recording I found an even better deal at Logo Garden. They're offering free cards and logo design.  You can't pass it up.  Business cards will allow you to start to gain a customer base as well as market yourself to past customers and their friends and family.  

As we proceed on our journey of financial independence, you'll hear me mention creating your own brand and following several times. There's no time like now to get a jump start on that and business cards from Logo Garden are one of the best ways to do it. Use the link LOGO GARDEN CARDS here to take advantage of this offer.

Thank you for giving me your time and attention. I hope a few of your found some value in today's episode. Headed over to our Facebook & Instagram pages and give us a follow so you can stay up to date on all the exciting content I'm putting together.  

My biggest goal is to put $$$ in your pockets.  And together we can do just that.  

Join the fun at  And as always let me hear those comments and suggestions.  I really appreciate your feedback and 5 star reviews if you think I earned it.  

If you haven't yet, make sure you sign up for your FREE eBay seller account. And even though I sell a lot of things on eBay, you can't beat some of their deals.  Check them out here In fact sometimes I buy things on eBay then resell them on eBay just like the actions we discussed in today's episode.  With prices this low, how can you not?

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S1E2 - Beginners How to Make $100-200 TODAY

S1E2 - Beginners How to Make $100-200 TODAY

Kevin Dennis