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S2 E10: Discovery

S2 E10: Discovery

Update: 2018-06-2663


Prosecutors have always said that Curtis Flowers was the only serious suspect in the Tardy Furniture investigation. But we found a document showing that another man, Willie James Hemphill, had also been questioned just days after the murders. Who was he? Why was he questioned? When we finally found Hemphill, living in Indianapolis, he had some very surprising things to say about the case. Support investigative journalism with a donation to In the Dark.
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Katelyn Ashley

Great job on the podcast! The case itself is extremely frustrating to listen to. Reminds me of making a murderer. Why isnt the case going to trail in another town, by law that's what's supposed to happen, if all juries know of the case before trail.

Sep 12th
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Tom Upton

What a bunch of incompetent boobs. Doug Evans should be disbarred.

Jul 3rd

Jennifer Duggan

Why would you not provide all this new evidence to Curtis' legal team!?! You've done an excellent job with this exposé...but the person you're hurting by not doing so is Curtis!

Jan 10th
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Willie James Hemphill was 24 years old in 1997? He claims his shoe size was 9 or 10 but has now grown to a size 12 or 13! A man's feet stop growing by 16 to 20 years old...

Jan 8th
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Jeremy Medlock

what I find exasperating, is that Mr. Flowers's 3rd and 4th trials resulted in a mistrial by hung jury. Which isn't "not guilty", but the fact that there is enough reasonable doubt to deadlock a jury TWICE should be enough to end this farse masquerading as "justice"

Aug 25th

Shelby Lott

dude the ad is unbearably long

Jul 20th

Ana Ontiveros

I dont understand why Curtis lawyers refuse this information from you guys. is there something legal that doesnt allow them to do this ?

Jun 27th
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Kym Carter

this makes me so angry!!!

Jun 27th
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S2 E10: Discovery

S2 E10: Discovery

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