DiscoverMockery ManorS2 E10 - The Song Of The Metal Whale
S2 E10 - The Song Of The Metal Whale

S2 E10 - The Song Of The Metal Whale

Update: 2022-02-221


Previously: Crammed together in the same Eurobear costume, Thomaz and Bette have been eavesdropping outside Hilda's office as she speaks to her associate Giuseppe. They hear her mention "The Committee" before Thomaz helps Bette escape via an Elves of Europe boat. He tells her that he regularly escorts mysterious visitors to Hilda's office, and then to hidden rooms in the castle. Bette swears she's going to find those rooms. Meanwhile, Gretchen, having escorted a wounded Eric to JJ's room, finds one of these secret rooms - behind a bookcase deep in the crumbling castle. JJ finds Eric convalescing in her bed after being attacked by Bohdanko - the same gangster who nearly killed her in Tokyo. She is horrified that he got as far as finding Eric in Amsterdam, but Eric assures her he didn't tell Bohdanko anything that could lead him to her. But that's not all - Eric has found a buyer for the Vermeer, and JJ reluctantly agrees to go ahead with the sale. Meanwhile, Parker hitches a lift to Dunkelschloss with a slightly unsettling lorry driver, who has noticed a huge increase in the number of Wizzzard Entertainment trucks on the road...

In this episode: Parker and Bette have a revelation at Dunkelschloss, Gretchen thrusts JJ deeper into the mystery, and trouble comes to town...

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Mockery Manor is written and directed by Lindsay Sharman. Music, sound design and editing by Laurence Owen.

Hayley Evenett was JJ and Bette, Laurence Owen was Parker, Giuseppe, Antoine and Bohdanko, Abbie Eastwood was Gretchen, Lindsay Sharman was Margot and the Turnstile Operator, and Sooz Kempner was Ingrid.

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S2 E10 - The Song Of The Metal Whale

S2 E10 - The Song Of The Metal Whale

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