DiscoverThe DooDoo Diva's Smells Like Money PodcastS2 E10 Getting Some...Positive Publicity and Free PR that is ;-)
S2 E10 Getting Some...Positive Publicity and Free PR that is ;-)

S2 E10 Getting Some...Positive Publicity and Free PR that is ;-)

Update: 2022-06-08


Today on The DooDoo Diva's Smells Like Money Podcast, Mary Shafer helps brief us through why public relations is an evergreen marketing medium. What would Steve Jobs do if he was down to his last marketing budget? From his own words, he'd spend it on PR. Here, Mary explains why you don't need unique talents to create press releases, why you need to learn how to sell to the editor above everything else first, the value of case studies, how visuals help with user experience, and much more.

This episode covers:

· PR isn't as expensive as you think it is

· Marketing is an art and a science

· What is a broiler plate?

· Your website needs to include a 'newsroom'

· What's not great about PR through social media?

About Mary Shafer:

Mary has been a writer all her life and grew up learning marketing and copywriting business in her dad's ad agency. As a commercial copywriter, she learned what works and what doesn't in marketing, and becoming a consultant was a natural outgrowth of that work. She chose to work with small and micro-businesses because that's what she understands best.

Word Forge Books, Mary's publishing division, evolved from her author and marketing experience. Technological innovations have created exciting synergies between marketing and publishing. Her clients have often expressed interest in writing their own books or other publications, so she offers services such as ghostwriting, editing, and custom publishing to help get their messages out in a format that complements their other channels.

Mary's career in the book publishing industry began in 1990. She has written three published books and contributed to two published anthologies. She consults with self-pubbed authors and indie publishers on how to navigate the modern publishing industry as The Indie Navigator (

Her publishing colleagues often need help with marketing, so she consults with them from the sympathetic standpoint of another publisher and author who understands the unique pressures they face in this industry, currently undergoing an incredible upheaval. Consulting with authors and indie publishers is the fastest-growing segment of her business, which often involves public speaking at conferences, in classrooms, and in libraries.

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S2 E10 Getting Some...Positive Publicity and Free PR that is ;-)

S2 E10 Getting Some...Positive Publicity and Free PR that is ;-)

Suzan Marie Chin-Taylor