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S2 E11: The End

S2 E11: The End

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For the last episode of the season, we went to meet Jeffery Armstrong, who, a few years after Curtis Flowers first went to prison, found what might have been a key piece of evidence. What he found -- and where he found it -- offers hints that someone else may have committed the Tardy Furniture murders. Armstrong turned the evidence into the cops. And then, he says, it disappeared. Support investigative journalism with a donation to In the Dark.

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Fion Lewis

So the moral of the story is that the District Attorneys around the country can lie, cheat and spend millions of tax payer money and there ain't a damn thing anyone can do. The lie of the constitution says that there are checks and balances, but even the state attorney general, Diaz said that basically we have to trust the system. Yeah for them it works. The supreme court of the US should change the law that says the DA has impunity.A San Diego police officer once told me "We do what we want and let the DA worry about it and guess what, they ain't gonna worry too much cuz we work for them"

Jun 25th

lisa bradford

i cannot believe in a system that would allow this type of case to go on and on and on and on and on, ad nauseam. i am so proud to say i do not live in Mississippi, but as a citizen of the United States, im ashamed this type of thinking, belief system, culture, and lack of integrity among people in positions of power is allowed to exist in the same country i live in and love. i applaud your work on this case and want you to know that your work conitnues the fight for justice and there are many thousands behind you, supporting you.

May 4th

Cola Bailey

If you saw this in a movie or read this in a book of fiction you would not be able to suspend disbelief over the amount of stuff Doug Evans has gotten away with. This is insane.

Mar 15th

Vicki Robinson-Strand

the work your team has done is outstanding. I hope all this wasn't in vain. free Curtis Flowers.

Feb 9th

Beauregard Throckmorton

Thank you for the work you do. It is so very important!!!!

Jan 24th

Dot Tomkinson

This has been both an incredible but heartbreaking story of racism, hate and injustice, my heart hurt at Curtis being denied the opportunity to attend his own Mother's funeral 😢 Great reporting and thank you for bringing us this story.

Dec 17th



Oct 31st

Courtney Lyons

Oh no his mother 😤😢. Great podcast!

Oct 3rd

Tracy Dinardo

This has been a great , Investigative , ongoing story about Mr. Curtis Flowers . I've enjoyed listening so far . I pray for the Flowers family . Wouldn't an election get rid of the " Good Ole boys" folks ? Wynonna needs to heal and move forward. All I can do is pray !!!

Sep 5th

Lena Tiger

Great podcast, but I can't help but keep wondering, why do they let this DA continue on this case, why no sanctions on him?

Aug 30th
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Michelle Waterman

Such an amazing podcast. It seems unimaginable that this could happen. I hope that your coverage can make a difference to Curtis and his family and that those people in public office who have clearly broken the law are made to pay for their terrible, racist, discriminatory behaviour.

Aug 15th

Dwayne Beasley

outstanding job. it's a shame in this day and time that the judicial system can still get away with what they do.

Jul 13th

Gauri Menon

I enjoyed your podcast so much. you explained everything in such detail. and at times you made me feel like I was right there with you. as I heard the case I wondered about how the justice system in the states can make a murderer out someone who has no evidence to indicate that he committed the act. but part of me also thinks that the prosecution has a dug a whole for themselves so deep that there is no way they will retract. they have already started down a path of six trials where they have convicted this man. backtracking now may not be actionable. your podcast and journalism was captivating from start to finish. Wonderful job!

Jul 7th

George Powell

your team did an excellent job on covering this case and looking high and low for any clues or statements that would help exonerate Curtis. I commend you for your efforts. I hope he can walk free from Parchment and join his family again. Doug Evans and John Johnson should be held accountable for their lack of effort to find the facts versus trying to get the case closed to appease the town and families of the victims. As a native of a small town in Mississippi, I am discouraged by the lack of justice and equality in my home state. 2018 seems more like 1958 because racism is alive and well. Mississippi is still burning.

Jul 4th

candace phillips

your team of reporters are just incredible! It almost makes me feel scared to live in a world where this kind of injuctice happens. Its not ok to kill an innocent man based on the DA's Ego. Its disgusting

Jul 4th

jaime wright

Oh man...I hope this turns out right for Curtis. How could the crew working on this podcast uncover more than his defense team? Baffling. This last episode gave me chills...especially the part where the tunnel from where the gun was found/stashed led right to Tardy's. I feel sick for the injustice endured by Mr. Flowers. Just sick.

Jul 4th

Kym Carter

wowzers. there is seriously an issue with the system. the laws in Mississippi must be from the 1920's. why is the defense appear to be defenseless? there are state and federal laws that prohibits a lot of the sneaky stuff the d.a. is pulling. its like the defense is suffering from arrested development of the mind and are living back in times where u couldn't look a white person in the eyes let alone challenge what they are doing/saying. it's ridiculous. something like this could not happen where I live. the south is suffering. we gotta be educated on the laws as well as getting out to vote to get things rolling. where the hell are these attorneys from!?! where's the defense??? it disgusts me. this man is clearly innocent, but, will die due to the color of his skin. period point blank

Jul 3rd

M Twist

excellent podcast

Jul 3rd

Courtney Smith

wow. prosecutorial misconduct is treated by the system as inevitable and acceptable. no wonder there are so many tragic stories like this one.

Jul 3rd

Jon Comrie

One of the more powerful and engaging stories I've listened to

Jul 3rd
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S2 E11: The End

S2 E11: The End

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