DiscoverMockery ManorS2 E12 - Shattered Mirror
S2 E12 - Shattered Mirror

S2 E12 - Shattered Mirror

Update: 2022-04-101


Previously: Oh no! At the schloss, JJ, Bette, Gretchen and Parker are held at gunpoint by Bohdanko, the Russian gangster who has been chasing JJ across Europe in search of the stolen Vermeer. While Bohdanko demands that JJ take him to the painting, Gretchen tries to throw him off the scent. He is not so easily duped, and they are both taken hostage.

Bette and Parker are left tied up in JJ's room, but they are rescued by Dodgy Eric, who has been playing dead on the bed for some time. Parker runs off to call the police, while Bette takes Eric's gun and goes in search of JJ and Gretchen.

Meanwhile, JJ and Gretchen try and stall for time with an ever-more-dangerous Bohdanko. After several failed attempts to lose him, Bohdanko's phone rings. It becomes clear that he has double-crossed his boss, and is planning to steal the Vermeer for himself. In a desperate attempt to lose him, JJ and Gretchen lead Bohdanko to Wizzzard Entertainment's hidden rooms in the schloss. But when they get there, JJ realises they are not alone. She hides behind a sofa, and calls for Gretchen to do the same. Suddenly, Bohdanko is shot by an unknown someone...

In this episode: Parker learns some shocking truths, JJ and Bette face the music, and Hilda assembles the Committee...

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Mockery Manor is written and directed by Lindsay Sharman. Music, sound design and editing by Laurence Owen.

Hayley Evenett was JJ and Bette, Laurence Owen was Parker, Jenkins, Giuseppe, Antoine and additional voices, Lindsay Sharman was Margot, Hilda and Davina, Abbie Eastwood was Gretchen, Alasdair Beckett-King was Thomaz, and John Henry Falle was Spanish Dave and Vincent Price.

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S2 E12 - Shattered Mirror

S2 E12 - Shattered Mirror

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