DiscoverMockery ManorS2 E14 - The Haunted Masquerade (Part 1)
S2 E14 - The Haunted Masquerade (Part 1)

S2 E14 - The Haunted Masquerade (Part 1)

Update: 2022-05-24


Previously: as the Committee arrives at Koschei the Deathless for Hilda's meeting, JJ and Bette sneak in via a side entrance to try and rescue Gretchen. They stumble into the ride, and find themselves in a creepy but familiar kitchen, occupied by an animatronic witch. To her horror, JJ realises that the witch is modelled on Dorothy - Margot's mother, and the twins' grandmother. JJ recalls the Dreamland dollhouse, shown to her by Dorothy moments before she was murdered by Matty. This kitchen is identical to that of the dollhouse. It's Mockery Manor. The twins hop on a passing Egg Buggy, and discover that each room is a distorted, nightmarish reflection of the rooms of Mockery Manor. As they near the grand ballroom, the twins hop out of the Buggy to stay unnoticed. They are shocked to see Margot and Davina among the Committee members. Why are they there? And who's looking after baby Freddie? Meanwhile, Hilda is losing communication with her security unit as they are each taken out by Jenkins' men. "We're under attack" she radios to the others. "Retreat to Koschei and seal it. No-one gets in, no-one gets out. And if you see anyone you don't recognise... execute on sight."

In this episode: Party time.

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Mockery Manor is written and directed by Lindsay Sharman. Music, sound design and editing by Laurence Owen.

Hayley Evenett was JJ and Bette, Lindsay Sharman was Hilda, Margot and Davina, Laurence Owen was Parker, Jenkins, Giuseppe, Antoine and additional voices, John Henry Falle was Spanish Dave, Abbie Eastwood was Gretchen, Alasdair Beckett King was Thomaz.

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S2 E14 - The Haunted Masquerade (Part 1)

S2 E14 - The Haunted Masquerade (Part 1)

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