DiscoverDigital Marketing DiveS2 E6 – How The Hell Do We Keep Up With Algorithms?
S2 E6 – How The Hell Do We Keep Up With Algorithms?

S2 E6 – How The Hell Do We Keep Up With Algorithms?

Update: 2020-12-23


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Seth: Hey, Everyone, and welcome to the sixth episode of the second season of the Digital Marketing Dive Podcast. I’m Seth with Goldstein Media, and with me as always is the amazing and talented Shannon of DIAM Business Consulting.

Shannon, you ready to rock?

How do we stay up with all the changes to the algorithms across the web? From Google to Facebook, to Instagram to Linkedin. Everyone of these sites has an algorithm. Learning and staying on top of the changes can be a full time job.

What is a person to do?

Read, read, read. You follow it or you hire someone to do it for you. Do what you’re good at and hire for the rest.

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Seth: Well, that was so much fun Shan. 

Shannon: It was great!! Reach out to us on DMD’s social media channels and let us know what challenges you are having with digital marketing. 

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S2 E6 – How The Hell Do We Keep Up With Algorithms?

S2 E6 – How The Hell Do We Keep Up With Algorithms?

Seth Goldstein