S2 E7: Overcoming Fear and Anxiousness

S2 E7: Overcoming Fear and Anxiousness

Update: 2022-02-15


We can't eliminate fear from our lives, but we can learn how to respond to it appropriately. In our final episode of season 2, I'm sharing about overcoming fear and anxiousness and giving you five practical steps you can take to get your thoughts and feelings under control. Overcoming fear and anxiety is about healing from living in a constant state of survival and will require you to be intentional, kind, and patient with yourself as you learn to change your internal beliefs.

3 reasons my book Face Off with Your Feelings may be for you:

1. You are emotionally exhausted and burned out

2. You fight back the lies that you aren't good enough, loved, or cared for

3. You no longer want to be run by your feelings nor do you want to ignore them

This book is for you if you need and want to experience healing in your life and freedom in your heart—healing from words spoken over you, healing from things done to you, understanding the present, and understanding what it means to have freedom in your life as you move through pain.

Maybe you have found yourself disconnected from His presence for too long, and you are ready to reconnect with Him.

This book is also for you if you want a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Father.

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S2 E7: Overcoming Fear and Anxiousness

S2 E7: Overcoming Fear and Anxiousness

Jessica Hottle | Christian Life Coach, Spiritual Growth Mentor, Christian Mental Health Coach