S2 E8 - Zzzip

S2 E8 - Zzzip

Update: 2022-01-11


Previously: In a flashback, Gretchen performs with her band Frostwald in the Dunkelschloss Battle of the Bands, but bandmate Gunther seems distracted. He tells her that something big is about to happen in the park. He has, of course, since disappeared.

In the present day, JJ realises she cannot possibly sell the Vermeer, and breaks down in front of Bette, while Thomaz leaves to find Gretchen. JJ reveals that she arrived to drop off the painting in a Tokyo apartment to find her contact dead, and Russian gangster Bodhanko waiting to kill her, only narrowly escaping herself. Broke as they are, the twins agree they have no choice but to work for Jenkins.

Meanwhile, Parker realises that Matty knows nothing about Smithy, and has been toying with him. But something Matty says hits home. Why does Jenkins keep taking the law into his own hands? What kind of man would do that? Desperate to escape, Parker phones the twins and tells them he is coming to Dunkelschloss.

In this episode: Bette poses as JJ to spy on Hilda, Thomaz gets roped in to help, and Margot's investigation continues...

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Mockery Manor is written and directed by Lindsay Sharman. Music, sound design and editing by Laurence Owen.

Hayley Evenett was JJ and Bette, Laurence Owen was Jenkins, Giuseppe, Alex and additional voices, Lindsay Sharman was Crystal the Go-go Dancer, Margot, Davina and Hilda, Alasdair Beckett King was Thomaz, and Sooz Kempner was Dorothy

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S2 E8 - Zzzip

S2 E8 - Zzzip

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