DiscoverLimetownS2 Episode 5: Limetown (Finale)
S2 Episode 5: Limetown (Finale)

S2 Episode 5: Limetown (Finale)

Update: 2018-12-1778


+53 days 3 hrs since Lia Haddock’s abduction.

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Comments (22)

Mohadeseh Alizadeh

What happend at the end؟

Feb 11th

Jared Poulter

Season 1 was stunning, I’ve listened to it 3 times. But with season 2 I have to agree with many other comments made already: what was the point of all of it? What was Charlie’s motive? What happened? Are there more seasons to come? I have to say I was sadly disappointed with the ending, but loved the journey

Jul 4th


I don't get what was the point of the whole season. To the listeners, we got a lot of explanation about Limetown and revelations about the characters. But to the characters in the story itself? What was the point? What was Charlie's endgame? There really isn't any purpose to the whole season. Now? I really don't care about what happened to Lia Haddock anymore.

Feb 27th
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Tammy Johnson

love this

Nov 9th

David Stockton

such a good start to end up such shit

Oct 17th
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Jim Thornburg

Wait so I'm confused. Leah was in Limetown the whole time?

Sep 27th

Mallory Martinez

Great Twist!

Sep 8th
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Open ending feels like eating something bitter for health benefits and that was what Season 2 felt like. Now when. Cloey came into the picture, forget Emil, I as the listener now was wondering what was real and what was not in this fictional narrative. I will proceed to read the prequel to the series, hope to find some clues there. The audio was really immersive, the actors gave their everything to express sorrow, anger, despair and helplessness. I would like to give a round of applause for the actors itself. The script for Season 2, well I can't judge I am just a single grain of sand in an hourglass ranting. I felt exactly as I was feeling 2 years ago after completing Sputnik Sweetheart by Murakami, the feeling was "Where did the rest of the pages go?" Good job team !

May 29th
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Brilliant! This was brilliant! Certainly not as good as Season 1 but it had its moments. I love unreliable narrators and open endings where many things are just up to your interpretation. It was certainly different from Season 1. I feel like there will be more seasons.

Apr 21st
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Charles Latour

Holy...I want more...

Mar 19th

Native Engine

Uh, what the hell just happened?

Jan 17th


holy shit

Jan 11th

John Moussiaux

I thought for sure we were going to find out that Charlie was actually Leah, but.. I guess not. I'm not sure what happened at the end. Did one of them die?

Jan 3rd

Sue M Gable

great twists turns story telling at its best

Dec 25th

Толик Злобинский

Nah, come to think about it and... Remind me, why does Charlie got to go through all of this? Just to prove her point? Like, the season central idea is cool, but really, why did she need this?

Dec 17th
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Толик Злобинский

I couldn't find a words to describe... it's an illusion

Dec 17th
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S2 Episode 5: Limetown (Finale)

S2 Episode 5: Limetown (Finale)