DiscoverIn the DarkS2 Update: Back to Winona
S2 Update: Back to Winona

S2 Update: Back to Winona

Update: 2018-09-1847


Two months after the season ended, we return to Winona to see what has changed. Turns out, a lot. Curtis Flowers' mother has died. The whole town is talking about the case. Flowers' defense lawyers are including our findings in their legal filings to the Supreme Court. Citizens are trying to file bar complaints against the district attorney, Doug Evans. One man has gone into hiding, his personal safety threatened because he spoke to us. In this update episode, we look at what's happened in Winona since our last episode and what happens next with Curtis Flowers' case. Support investigative journalism with a donation to In the Dark.

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Not letting the man out to say goodbye to his mother?!! that's the lowest of low. I hope Evans burns in hell

Aug 28th

Gauri Menon

so I have a question. do you believe that the case of Curtis Jackson and Steven Avery have a similar undertone that once the law has put in extensive work to make someone guilty despite viable potential evidence that they could be innocent but it would be detrimental to the courts and the justice system to spend more time and energy to catch the actual guilty party?

Nov 2nd

Seth Hamon

What Serial started the In the Dark Team have elevated to a whole new level of audio journalism. Absolutely riveting. This a frightful scandal that needs to be heard. My heart goes out to Curtis and his family. What happened to Curtis is so unbearably disturbing, I think it adds further indignity to those murdered. As if from a bygone era the killer walks free and a black innocent man is tortured. It's shamefull.

Oct 23rd
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Nicholas King

Thank you for making this podcast. The work you are doing is very important and I sincerely hope that Curtis Flowers will be released and that Doug Evans will be prosecuted. I cannot believe that this man can look himself in the mirror...

Oct 21st


How is there not an investigation into Doug Evans? It seems so obvious that people in the legal system allow him to do what he wants to fill the needs of his cases. I think Doug Evans should be sentenced to life without parole for ruining the lives of Flowers and everyone around him, as well as the lives of the people who lost loved ones. He never got justice for anyone. He let the murderer walk free. Doug Evans should not be overlooked just because he is the DA. It's disgusting.

Oct 17th

Gauri Menon

so I was reading an update on this case and please, pardon my ignorance on what I am about to say and kindly correct me if I am wrong, but how do you feel after seeing right wing nominee being appointed to the supreme Court as a judge, and with now all judges on the supreme Court being extreme right wing conservatives will rule on the case of Curtis Flowers should the supreme Court decide to review his case?

Oct 7th
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Poor Jeffrey. I just want to bring him to Canada, where he won't feel threatened :(

Sep 18th
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S2 Update: Back to Winona

S2 Update: Back to Winona

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