DiscoverAmerikan TherapyS2.E18. COVID-19; Our Black Experts Weigh In On What's Next And How To Stay Safe And Sane
S2.E18. COVID-19; Our Black Experts Weigh In On What's Next And How To Stay Safe And Sane

S2.E18. COVID-19; Our Black Experts Weigh In On What's Next And How To Stay Safe And Sane

Update: 2020-07-14


So let's talk about this Coronavirus Pandemic.  While many of us are anxiously anticipating the end of this disruption in our normal lives, it seems the "Rona" ain't done with us just yet.  Amerikan Therapy sits down with two of the country's foremost experts in the space, who just happen to be highly melanated, in order to weigh in on what's the next step in this pandemic.  Given the recent spikes in the virus spread coupled with many cities grappling with the need to close back down and/ or open back up schools in August, there is so much to discuss.  This is a rich discussion on how black folks can keep themselves and their families safe and sane during these difficult times.   

Georges C. Benjamin, MD - Executive Director, American Public Health Association:  Georges Benjamin is known as one of the nation’s most influential physician leaders because he speaks passionately and eloquently about the health issues having the most impact on our nation today. From his firsthand experience as a physician, he knows what happens when preventive care is not available and when the healthy choice is not the easy choice. As executive director of APHA since 2002, he is leading the Association’s push to make America the healthiest nation in one generation. 
Expanded Bio:

E. Oscar Alleyne, DrPH, MPH - Chief of Programs and Services, National Association of County and City Health Officials:  Dr. E Oscar Alleyne is the Chief of Programs and Services for the National Association of County and City Health Officials, where he oversees its portfolio of programs, as well as its membership and meetings services. He directs the implementation of programs, promotion and diversification of funding and assists in raising NACCHO’s profile through external engagement and partnership development for the advancement of NACCHO’s mission and the success of the country’s almost-3,000 local health departments. He leads NACCHO’s national response efforts on emergent health threats such as COVID19, Zika, and natural disasters such as hurricanes. He is also responsible for personnel management and professional development; strategic planning; budget management; supervision of program leadership and services staff; and maintenance of subject matter knowledge of comprehensive policy issues that have an impact on local health departments and NACCHO. 

Dr. Alleyne began his career in governmental public health, designing software used as an expert system in guiding responses to adverse water quality events for the New York State Health Department. He joined Rockland County Health Department in New York at the beginning of the West Nile Virus outbreak, where he developed a model comprehensive educational and surveillance program.

In his 15 years at Rockland County, Alleyne served as Director of Epidemiology and Public Health Planning responding to and mitigating several major emerging health issues including West Nile, Anthrax, Smallpox, Monkey Pox, H1N1, Botulism, MERS CoV, and Ebola. He also has experience as a Planning Section Chief for the Disaster Medical Assistance Team (NY4) under the federal National Disaster Medical System.

He has an experienced and demonstrated history of working in the local and national public health sector. Skilled in Epidemiology, Health Communication, Population Health Planning and Assessment, Government, Emergency Preparedness, Informatics, Biosurveillance, and Environmental Health. In addition, Dr. Alleyne is the Past President of the Board of Directors of the New York State Public Health Association,

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S2.E18. COVID-19; Our Black Experts Weigh In On What's Next And How To Stay Safe And Sane

S2.E18. COVID-19; Our Black Experts Weigh In On What's Next And How To Stay Safe And Sane

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