DiscoverUp and VanishedS2E9: Gone Fishin'
S2E9: Gone Fishin'

S2E9: Gone Fishin'

Update: 2018-10-2926



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Comments (31)

Chante Harris

omg I cannot even stand listening to him... he is so here and there and everywhere...and answering 0 questions! ughhh

Nov 2nd

andrew kern

this guy is a great A+ FAG, learn your manners stop smacking that dick in your mouth little bitch

Nov 1st
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This guy's an amusing fellow

Oct 25th

Nana & The Grandkid Wild Adventures Let's Go

Listening to this conversation it should be a PSA FOR NOT DOING DRUGS ! I needed a xanax after trying to listen to him to him go from point A to Z and back 48 times in a min he probably didn't kill her her couldn't remember what he wA doing at the minute 1 SMH

Sep 10th


the smacking... I can't deal with the smacking.

Sep 3rd
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Russell Lee

lame. solves , solved nothing. just let some hippies ramble on and on and on. fkin burnouts beating drums and howling at the moon. kids fkin around with things that they arent emotionally armed for. takes years to hon your drug use into a safe, middle of the road moderation. these 20/30 somethings are frail when it comes handling real world hardtack. stupid hippies. she should have stayed home in California with her kid instead of getting high in the mountains and pretending to be Native American/hindu/Buddhists/ tarot reading nitwits. that's why we got stuck with trump. these failures are too ignorant to see the danger right in front of their face. they should clear out that rats nest town and burn it to the ground. terrible when people die from their own negligence

Aug 28th
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Bill Thorpe

The lip smacking is so annoying. Plus this dude's off his rocker!!

Aug 27th
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Patricia Chavez

The dude is so high or has severe brain damage from the drugs. WOW...

Aug 14th
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Quanna Diaz

The only person Catfish makes any sense to, is himself. When he accuses Payne of saying things on the podcast that he "knows weren't said" by other people (regarding Krystal telling others in her life she was raped) but also admits repeatedly to never having listened, I was a PEAK annoyed. He sounds like a typical delusional narcissistic criminal who thinks his words can discredit and devalue the knowledge and circumstantial evidence that dozens of other people provide. Can't stand this guy.

Jul 5th

Wrong sauce

42.18 “I’ve been through hell, and she wasn’t there either” really sounds like someone that is a caring person like he claims to be.

Jun 13th



May 30th


Criticizing Kristal's family for wanting to know where she is, what happened to her, and who did it is low. Guilt-tripping them for wanting those involved to face some consequences is even lower.

May 5th

Heidi Mae Stoa Price

ewww not only is he lying out his ass but him eating while they talk is so gross and why is he talking about Payne getting paid

Apr 15th

Katheryn Rowell

last season we heard Payne chew Brooke up and spit her out alive why is he not doing this to catfish?

Mar 15th
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Meagan Beavers

What a hot mess conversation. 😳

Mar 12th
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Neil Anderson

wow... THIS Catfish dude is... I'm not sure what to say. I think the part that got me most about him was when he says "I hardly knew the girl, man" and then later when Catfish accuses Payne of slander and Payne tells Catfish he got the info from Kristal's family Catfish then says "I know them and I know they wouldn't say that" and then accuse Payne of lying about what they said. Given the social butterfly that Kristal was, how can Catfish know all of Kristal's family well enough to "know" they wouldn't say that and yet not know Kristal?

Feb 27th
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alli lent

I seriously wanna punch catfish in the face

Feb 13th
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S2E9: Gone Fishin'

S2E9: Gone Fishin'

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