S2EP.37 // The truth about breaking up with toxic people!

S2EP.37 // The truth about breaking up with toxic people!

Update: 2022-01-20


Hey Girl, welcome back to a new episode of The Fearless Mujer. So glad you’re back to share another cup of virtual Cafecito with me. On this episode I’m getting real with you about what happens when you break up with toxic people. A toxic person usually brings some negative energy anytime they come around. They might even make you doubt yourself and usually they drain you mentally and emotionally. Toxic relationships are really hard to deal with and sometimes the best thing you can do is distance yourself from the person and situation. I know sometimes it’s easier said than done! But here is some truth, sometimes when we have been immersed in a toxic environment it’s easy to ignore a lot of red flags. When I speak about toxic relationships, I’m including family and even friends, and believe me I know that’s not easy. I’ve experienced the pain and loneliness that comes when you make the conscious choice to distance yourself from a situation that was so toxic, I had no choice but to remove myself from the situation. 

I’ve learned the beauty of putting your energy and focus back on yourself when you no longer have toxic family who are draining you. 

I know most of us grew up hearing “that’s still your mom, dad, brother, etc.” But honestly, when you set healthy boundaries with toxic people you are allowing them to take ownership for their actions. Don’t ever allow anyone to make you feel guilty for doing what is necessary for you to be healthy emotionally and mentally. You have to make yourself a priority.

I would never tell anyone to cut people off, but in certain circumstances sometimes it’s the best thing you can do for yourself. And if you have no choice but to distance yourself from the toxic people in your life, then therapy is a great option for you to begin doing some inner healing. 

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S2EP.37 // The truth about breaking up with toxic people!

S2EP.37 // The truth about breaking up with toxic people!

Micaela Deegan - Latina Empowerment Coach, Latina Mentor