S3 E20: Eric L. Cox

S3 E20: Eric L. Cox

Update: 2021-02-22


Author, Speaker, Empowerment Coach, and Corporate-Executive Training & Development director, Eric Cox is a Nashville TN native. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Communication from The University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee and his Master of Arts in Organizational Management (with a Project Management specialty) at Ashford University in Clinton, Iowa. Eric is the Director of Training Operations for a nationwide healthcare organization and works with patients struggling with the disease of alcohol and substance abuse addiction. He volunteers his time serving on a nonprofit board and in several committees, helping to meet the immediate needs of Nashville’s most vulnerable populations. One of his greatest joys is to use his experiences as a guide to provide readers with an interactive experience showing each how to win in life. Eric Cox completed ten endurance races (of 13.1 miles or 26.2 miles) in 2014. Throughout the year, he noticed several commonalities between running marathons and life application. It became the catalyst for his first published book: Sign Up!: 10 Interactive Lessons to Take Your Goals from the Starting Line to Across the Finish Line. This book was created as a resource to motivate readers to learn more about and excel in their own life race. Learn more at EricLCox.com (Including bookings for speaking engagements) or visit Amazon.com for a copy (available in paperback, hardcover, audible and ebook).

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S3 E20: Eric L. Cox

S3 E20: Eric L. Cox

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