S3 E26: Terrance Bonner

S3 E26: Terrance Bonner

Update: 2021-04-14


ABOUT TODAY'S GUEST: Terrance Bonner is the Owner and Operator of The Glam Station Spa located in Columbus, Mississippi. He has a dual license in Massage Therapy and Aesthetics and his passion is to provide the highest quality in Aesthetics and Massage Therapy. With a thirst for knowledge, he has continued to take numerous classes constantly increasing his knowledge to develop a diverse approach in giving his massage and skincare clients a unique bodywork, esthetic and educational experience. Bonner has won multiple awards in his field including The Best Aesthetician in 2015, 2016, 2018, and; The Best Spa of Mississippi in 2019, allowing him to be featured on NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS.
Bonner continues to achieve tremendous attributes in the wellness industry as well as make strides in the business coaching arena with the opening of The Bonner Institute. As a leader and implementer of novel techniques, a believer in faith, and a drive to work hard, he was never one to follow and made his lanes for walking on instead. He plans to help individuals who dream of entrepreneurship to open their businesses and he is teaching it step by step to new wellness entrepreneurs through his debut workbook, "Detemination+Core Values=Success." He is confident that sharing his struggles, failures, and advice will help the next generation of business owners reach past their insecurities and build thriving businesses that sustain past this pandemic and continue to grow for years to come. It is available for purchase through Amazon.


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S3 E26: Terrance Bonner

S3 E26: Terrance Bonner

Clifton Pettyjohn / Terrance Bonner