S3 EP. 01 // Mujer, it's time to step into your authority!

S3 EP. 01 // Mujer, it's time to step into your authority!

Update: 2022-03-23


Hey Girl! Season 3 is LIVE! Let's celebrate! The next Cafecito + Amigas Empowerment Night is happening on April 1st at 6:30 PM CST - it is virtual so come as you are. We are talking about purpose! Register now - https://rebrand.ly/CAFECITONIGHT4-1

As you know, last month I stepped away after Season 02 of the podcast wrapped up. It was time for me to take a break and reflect on where I wanted the next season of this podcast to go. I am so grateful for the many women who shared a virtual cup of Cafecito with me on Season 02. Thank you for patiently waiting while Season 3 went LIVE. 

On Season 03 we are talking about stepping into your authority, because Mujer it's time to step into your authority! There is so much more to the authority a person has - it's truly a confident quality that someone carries. It's also the ability to influence others. And when I think about a Mujer and the authority she carries within I picture a Mujer who has been through heartache, pain, setbacks, and yet has overcome the impossible. Because of that she is now the expert of her life and her stories. She has authority over her life. She is the expert of her life no matter what others may say or think!

Sometimes when we have experienced trauma, abuse, pain, setbacks there is still residue left over of that wound and that pain. 

So this season we are diving into the how of stepping into your authority, and I pray that other Mujeres join me to share how they were able to rise above and step into their authority after pain and heartache.

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S3 EP. 01 // Mujer, it's time to step into your authority!

S3 EP. 01 // Mujer, it's time to step into your authority!

Micaela Deegan - Latina Empowerment Coach, Latina Mentor