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S4 E1: Silhouettes

S4 E1: Silhouettes

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The Cat Lady Case, Episode 1 - A witness remembers gunshots and a mysterious fire around the same time an elderly woman goes missing.
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free smiles

wow. these people have outstanding memories for something that happened 20 years... also that is absolutely terrible what that landlord did (coming from a landlord here.) why didn't the social worker sort that out for her and find a better place for her?

Aug 27th

Allison Marston

Love this podcast and was excited for this season but this narrator's voice is awful to listen to! I will be skipping this season

Jun 17th

Katheryn Rowell

it's less the voice for me and more the mixing. He speaks so slow I have to turn the speed up, But the rest of the speakers Speak so quickly. I have to turn it back down. Good mixing will put everybody's speech at the same speed.

Feb 11th

G & T M

please, Zander. I dont mind your voice in the recordings of you interviewing but I cant stand your ASMR- like voice. please talk normal!!!

Sep 6th


sounds like it could be a good story. Too bad I couldn't get through the first 3 minutes. what an awful narrator!

Aug 30th
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Jackie Glass

Love the voice....soothing. Ouch to the lady who turned down the cat lady asking for help living in her home. :(

Aug 19th
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Rita Lorenz

The voice .... use your strong voice!

Aug 16th
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Wow, way too slow, trying to hard for narrating. Can't even listen to it.

Aug 15th

Full Metal Jackalope

I kinda like the way this guy talks! I read all the horrible reviews and was expecting...I don’t even know what. Every single review is about his voice and it’s not that bad at all. Y’all complain too much.

Aug 12th
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Mae Lee Arant

The investigator and narrator has a great soothing voice that is calm amongst the cruel chaos he is revealing. it is disheartening that the desperation and suffering that Joan endured was met with such inaction while she was alive and after her murder.

Aug 4th
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Mckenzie Collins

speak up man.

Aug 2nd

Samantha Fawstle

I really like Zander's voice. I've been listening to podcasts for 4 or 5 years - you're doing a great job!

Aug 1st

Bell End

you people are what's wrong with this world. ever thought what this guy's story is? maybe he's an intern and this is his first real shot at something. maybe he has anxiety or speech problems and he's trying to conquer them by pushing himself to make this season's podcast. like ....think before you speak. also put your money where your mouth is and make your own damn podcast if you don't like this one like my god. be quite.

Jul 24th
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L Leigh White

Poor narration

Jul 18th

christine picard

don't like the narrators voice. it's monotone sounds like he's trying to whisper.

Jul 17th
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Mixing on this is AWFUL, loud segments, quiet ones. Makes it incredibly difficult to listen to! I've got my headphones on max throughout and it's still pretty quiet in places.

Jul 10th


my gosh. the voice of the men is so boring.....

Jul 9th








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S4 E1: Silhouettes

S4 E1: Silhouettes